Deepening Witchcraf

Deepening Witchcraf
“Deepening Witchcraft is a practical, engaging and enlightening guide into ‘next step’ Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism.”     –Wren Walker, Co-Founder of The Witches Voice (

As we move out of the shadows of the broom closet and into the bright light of our wider communities, each of us can benefit from reading the thoughts, experiences, observations, and wisdom of this Crone.”     –M. Macha NightMare, coauthor (with Starhawk) of The Pagn Book of Living and Dying and author of Witchcraft and the Web.

Deepening Witchcraft: Advancing Skills and Knowledge focuses on the needs of leaders in Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism in general. Grey Cat, founder of the NorthWind Tradition of American Witchcraft, brings her extensive leadership experience to one of the first books to offer guidance to advanced practitioners of Witchcraft.

The opening chapters of Deepening Witchcraft focus on the intellectual inner disciplines of the advanced student. Grey Cat then explores the connections between historical Paganism and its modern form,, addressing Neopagan beliefs, ethical systems, and the process of growing through magic.

The second half of this book is a practical guide. Grey Cat provides advice on teaching, designing public rituals, practicing advanced magic, and sponsoring public events. A chapter on spiritual growth offers both philosophy and concrete suggestions to overburdened clerics, and the growth of Paganism is examined in chapters on community relations. Grey cat shares the practical fruits of her experience in this essential book.

With an introduction by pioneering activist Lady Sintana, founder of the Ravenwood Church of the Old Religion in Atlanta, Georgia.

Grey Cat has more than 15 years of experience in Witchcraft as a student and teacher and is the founder of the NorthWind Tradition of American Witchcraft, a group focused on training and education. She coauthored American Indian Ceremonies with Medicine Hawk, and she has contributed to Witchcraft Today Volumes One and Two. Grey Cat has also been active in the national Pagan community, serving with the Covenant of the Goddess, the leading national organization of Wiccan Covens, and as a board member of Ar n’Draiocht Fein, a modern Druidic tradition founded by Isaac Bonewits. She lives in Tennessee.

To suppliment the information in the book, Grey Cat has enlarged this web site with additional materials she hopes that her readers will find interesting and useful.