A Compilation of some spells/Rituals i simply get pleasure from sharing.

A Compilation of some spells/Rituals i simply get pleasure from sharing.

Tips on how to make blessed water: https://imaginethewitchcrafts.tumblr.com/submit/160342387833/how-to-make-blessed-water-by-silver-ravenwolf

Doodle Bug Love Spell (By Silver Ravenwolf):

My Dwelling Is My Fortress Spell (Safety spell made by Silver Ravenwolf): https://imaginethewitchcrafts.tumblr.com/submit/160161749923/my-home-is-my-castle-spell-protection-spell-made?is_related_post=1

“Magick Xmas Seed Attraction” (By Silver Ravenwolf):


“Your Chilly Coronary heart Spell” (By Silver Ravenwolf):

Love Glo (By Silver Ravenwolf): https://imaginethewitchcrafts.tumblr.com/submit/160152664383/love-glo-by-silver-ravenwolf?is_related_post=1

Sacred House Ritual (By Silver Ravenwolf): https://imaginethewitchcrafts.tumblr.com/submit/160343087108/sacred-space-ritual-by-silver-ravenwolf?is_related_post=1

Creating Your Personal Faery Beings (Astral Thought type not for freshmen): https://imaginethewitchcrafts.tumblr.com/submit/160127002483/creating-your-own-faery-beings-astral-thought?is_related_post=1

Kitchen Cleasing spell: https://imaginethewitchcrafts.tumblr.com/submit/158584482143/kitchen-cleasing-spell?is_related_post=1

4 thoughts on “A Compilation of some spells/Rituals i simply get pleasure from sharing.”

  1. Silver ravenwolf writes a lot of stuff that just isn’t true (she says witchcraft=Wicca when it’s not, makes up a lot of definitions etc). She’s just not a good resource. Sorry.

  2. Well unlike most people I don’t hate Silver Ravenwolf. I don’t think her craft is Wicca though. It’s Wicca inspired but a lot of new age stuff has been added to it. That being said thank you so much! I actually like her spells even though many don’t (and I understand why they don’t).

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you’re enjoying your practice 🙂

    (I’m assuming here you’re relatively new to things. If you aren’t, please ignore the following.) Ignoring the whole Silver Ravenwolf controversy (please!), it’s a really good idea to read as widely as possible on the subjects that interest you. People have different ideas and different ways of approaching them. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.

    By all means delve into Ravenwolf if that’s what you want to do, but make sure to supplement that with everything from Scott Cunningham to Israel Regardie to Aleister Crowley and everything in between. I like to read things from many different schools of magick because it helps broaden my understanding of things. You’ll get new ideas and figure out what works best for you.

    Good luck in your path!

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