A humble request – a spell for all times; a spell for dying.

A humble request – a spell for all times; a spell for dying.

Hello r/witchcraft. I’ve been lurking right here for a while, and love studying all of your posts and studying from you all, so thanks.

My first submit here’s a humble request for concepts on two spells.

Historical past: I’m very new to pursuing witchcraft in a centered method. I’ve all the time used intent, sigils, communed with nature/animals and worshipped goddesses in my very own manner. Lately I have been seeking to focus and have a extra ‘structured’ and devoted witch observe.
I’ve by no means solid a spell and I’m on web page certainly one of my Grimoir.

Query: at this time throughout the similar hour I acquired two cellphone calls. One from my finest pal telling me she is pregnant and asking me to attend her first scan along with her (an honour). The opposite from my Grandmother who has terminal most cancers telling me she has round three months to stay. A horrible and delightful reminder of the cycles of life and dying.

After being very upset, emotional after which meditating I do know that is the time to solid my first spells, one for all times and the opposite for dying. The universe asks this of me.

My pal has suffered miscarriages and I want to solid a safety spell for the infant, and for her well being and energy. For my Grandmother I want to solid a spell to minimize her ache, worry and disappointment.

If any of you’ve any concepts about both or each of those I’d respect it extremely. I realise I can google stuff, however really feel the customers of this subreddit have a lot to supply and a group feeling that google can not give.

Thanks prematurely.

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  1. Here’s an idea: both people are in need of blessing, so why not cast one spell for the both of them? Get two white candles and carve a name for each one on them. For crystals, I suggest rose quartz and selenite arranged around the candles. Light some copal incense and the candles and pray for your grandmother’s passing to be gentle and easy. Pray for your friend’s birth to be gentle and easy (as possible) and for the baby to come in healthy.

    This is just a starting point for the spell. You know the situations better than I and have your own practices. I’m sending you my good energy and I’m sorry about your grandma; I lost mine this year and performed a spell to bring comfort to my family during our mourning.

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