A spell to convey optimistic power right into a family? Beginner

A spell to convey optimistic power right into a family? Beginner

Not too long ago I have been staying at a associates home along with her household who’re only a group of beautiful individuals, however for some time they’ve had some well being points relating to one member of the family whereas one other takes full time care of them and mainly retains the entire family going. Principally I simply wish to make this troublesome time simpler for everybody on this family by maybe introducing some optimistic and loving power into the family however I am unsure how. All assistance is appreciated! Thanks 🙂

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  1. Helping out with chores around the home will go a long way.
    Bring in some plants and open up some windows.
    Make a “happy home” spell jar.

  2. Second helping out around the house: chores, cooking, yard work, etc. Brighten up the house any way you can, such as opening windows if you can, uplifting music, vases of colorful flowers (especially ones associated with health and purification). If you use essential oils and no one in the house has allergies or sensitivities to them, you could anoint door and window lintels/sills with a cleansing/purifying oil (I like lavender).

  3. I’ve seen one spell where you buy a commercial candle, usually the wide ones encased in glass. Drill a hole in the middle and place small, Blessed objects inside of the hole. Could be cinnamon, petals, anything associated with positivity. Place the wax back over and maybe burn where the hole was filled to make it even again.

    Not my first option but it’s strong.

  4. I have a “happy home” spell if you’re interested! I used it for a while (mom asked me to bring it down bc she’s super superstitious) and it worked 🙂

    it’s only a small satchet near your front door, very subtle!

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