A spell to make me straight.

A spell to make me straight.

Is factor?

I will most likely look again on the time I attempted going to a witchcraft subreddit to show me from homosexual to straight as a very bizarre second in my life, however, no matter.

No offense to others, however I’ve suffered a lot being this fashion.

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  1. You can’t change who you are, only what you do. You can try, but as long as you fight your true self you will always feel like something is ‘off’, or ‘wrong’, and will most likely be unhappy. Instead of trying to change yourself you might consider trying to accept yourself, even if some other people don’t.

  2. Hey there honey. I’m very sorry you’re going through this. Don’t ever try to change who you are because others are afraid. Be free. Only you can live the incredible experience of being yourself. Don’t mold yourself to fit into a boring box. We only have this life, live it to the fullest with no regrets. If they aren’t paying your bills, they have no say in your life. Wish you the best, and if you want to talk to a fellow LGBT person, my inbox is always open.

  3. What have you suffered? Why would you not want to be who or what you are?

    It seems to me that you are “suffering” people (most likely Christians who cherry pick their Bible to get only the info that they want) oppressing you.

    Look back through history, and look at all the lore through history – particularly Greek, with Odysseus and Achilles. There were many instances of people being gay.

  4. There is no spell for this. I tried when I was young, many times. It never worked. Your desire to change this comes from a point of pain and hurt. Magick may help your life become more peaceful despite you being gay, but magick will not help you repress this perfectly harmless part of yourself. Look instead into how magick may be used to help yourself and others to accept and respect this part of you. Pm me if you need help, or someone to talk to. We can talk magick, psychology, biology, religion, law. Whatever you need to talk it out. I’m a gay man, been there, felt that. I can give you some reference.

  5. I’ve talked to some people who claim to have success with a spell to make them straight but it was only temporary.
    Coming from another fag, I know that pain of wanting to change with no success all too well. But I know this is the way I am and there’s no reason to change it. You’re attracted what you’re attracted to, embrace it while you still can 🙂
    Things will get better if you let them. Don’t surround yourself with negative people who won’t accept you. I’m currently still closeted but I know it won’t be forever. Like it or not, maybe your spell will work temporarily, but once a homo always a homo.

  6. If prayer doesn’t work like that, I wouldn’t think magic would either for changing yourself in such a significant way. Attempting something random and potentially as uncontrollable as magic probably isn’t a good idea. If your motive is self loathing, what sort of magic would grow from that?

    Healthy change is’nt a quick process, focus on what you want in life and try working towards that. In the meantime try finding happiness and meaning where you can.

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