A Success, a Kindred Spirit and a Question

A Success, a Kindred Spirit and a Question

hello all!

i am nonetheless form of new to this witchcraft factor, however i’ve at all times been compelled to check it; i dabbled in candle spells and meditation as a teen however by no means actually acquired too concerned. a few yr in the past, i felt actually compelled to select up a tarot deck, and that i persistently had fairly good outcomes. after awhile, i suppose i simply acquired busy with beginning a brand new program in school, and so they simply kind of fell by the wayside. just lately, i picked my playing cards again up once more, and acquired a very optimistic and affirming signal that i am going in the appropriate route each spiritually and intellectually in my life.

since then i’ve simply felt extra in tune with the world round me. selecting up on little issues i would not have seen earlier than, feeling energies and vibrations once more, figuring out (small) issues i should not / could not know, vivid “dreaming”(final evening i used to be strolling and speaking with somebody, it was a dream i suppose but it surely did not really feel like one? i do not know)… that form of factor.

and… i discovered one other witch! unusually, it is my boss. i’ve at all times felt a form of… heat? radiating from her, however i by no means would have guessed it is as a result of she’s a practitioner of the craft, and a hereditary one at that! i do not intend to pester her about it or ask any questions and even actually carry it up once more (she is my boss in spite of everything), however figuring out there’s another person like me that is in my life is reassuring.

i suppose i simply needed to share my success as a brand new witch that issues appear to be going fairly properly for me, and say that training / studying / studying has given me a way of residence and peace that i really feel that i have been lacking.

anyway, i had a fast query as properly: though witchcraft is a really private artwork, do any of you observe in small areas? my room may be very small with little or no flooring house, and sadly with the folks i stay with, transferring my craft exterior of this room is not an possibility. how do you go about your spell work, and even casting a circle, with little or no room to maneuver round?

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  1. Outdoors, in a park if necessary.

    Otherwise, lying on my bed or sat in a chair, with my stuff set up on any available surface. Much meditation-based work, little or no moving around type work.

  2. At home (with a husband, two kids and a cat all living with me in a pretty teeny house!) my space is literally a bureau in the corner of the sitting room. I tend to wait to be alone in the house to do anything that’s obviously ‘witchy’ (apart from tarot, which I do all the time in front of them and they don’t really notice anymore). I don’t think you need a particularly large space, but it is nice to get outdoors when possible to.

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