A witchy social membership?

A witchy social membership?

I am considering of creating a membership at my school. Motive why I wish to make it’s as a result of The individuals who practices the craft tends to be a lonely journey until you have already got a gaggle or somebody in your loved ones acquainted of the craft. My membership would attempt to make the journey a bit of bit much less lonely. The membership is having all totally different sort of witches. water,kitchen,eclectic,pagan,Wicca, christian witches you identify it and all could be welcome at my membership. Even individuals who do not practices the craft and simply learn playing cards or palm readings or concerned with astrology, Anybody who’s interior religious is welcome. Level is would interior religious individuals would be part of that sort of membership or not? wouldn’t it be a sink or ship?
(this membership wouldn’t be a coven)

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  1. I would totally join. Man I wish there were a witchy club at my school. I keep my eyes open cause I know they’re everywhere and I find it strange there isn’t a witch club yet.

    That said, I dunno how many’d join if i started one…

  2. Does your school have a pagan club already? If so go there. They normally lump witches in with the pagans.

    Secondly, I don’t think r/witchcraft would be your best audience to ask. You’re asking people with shared interest so your opinion pool will be skewed. You should be asking the students at your school if they would be interested since that’s your audience, as many of us can’t join the club anyway.

    If there isn’t already a pagan club I would start there instead of jumping to a witch club. That’s way too specific. You’ll gain more members and more traction with a plain pagan club.

  3. If your school has the population to support it, and people know about it, yes people will show up. I tried to start something at Baylor, but it turned out that the only other pagan student at the school had already started one. So we met up for lunch once, and that was pretty much it. We just didn’t have the population for it, or the avenues for marketing on a Baptist campus. If you do start something like this, I recommend posting about it on witchvox.

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