Afraid of my very own grimoire?

Afraid of my very own grimoire?

My grimoire is the muse of Magick. It has just a little little bit of all the things apart from Chaos Magick. After not practing for three weeks I’m afraid of my grimoire. I’m afraid of the issues I can do. I’m beginning to concern myself. 2 weeks in the past I had deep respect for demons and spirits and had a good quantity I labored with. ‘Entities’ are reaching out to me inflicting nostalgia. Now I’m feeling the results of abandoning paganism and necromancy. Has anybody expertise this?

Sadly it is the little issues I miss. Like I used to go away choices to a God and Goddess simply to say hello. By no means actually requested for something. In return they might cease accidents (one other story) and mainly make life simpler. Now I get chased and grazed by automobiles after which my day will get progressively worst and ends in nightmares. Speaking about nightmares do not abandon demons with out formally saying so. (In case your in a deal/contract you do not have that luxurious)

That is to all of you who assume working with Clauneck is a few type of take, take bs and he needs nothing in return. Return to dancing skyclad and singing kumbaya. Demons arent for you. Dont trouble. I finished working with him and each single f***ing greenback he gave me he took again. Jewellery I purchased together with his cash received stolen, meals I purchased together with his cash goes dangerous, I attempted to pay for a course together with his cash I legit could not get by. Ultimately extra money slipped by my fingers than I am prepared to confess. And the entire cash I misplaced got here from him.

4 thoughts on “Afraid of my very own grimoire?”

  1. Sorry that all of this happened to you. But you’re story is a good warning. So thank you for that.

    Go back to your other practices and work on rebuilding.

  2. Don’t know why but this post got removed as I was trying to read it on mobile so I have no idea what the situation is. But if you would like someone to talk to you, even if it’s just to vent about whatever happened feel free to PM me

  3. I don’t know what price this entity wanted but you backpedaling on your craft and paganism is exactly what it wants, your alienating yourself from the only thing that can protect you from it, your playing into its hand

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