Altar Concepts for Small Areas

Altar Concepts for Small Areas

I’ve been practising tarot for over a yr and witchcraft for about 6 months now and I’ve at all times needed to actually spend money on an altar house. I’ve been holding off as a result of I at present am dwelling with household and have a fairly small room to work with.

Does anybody have concepts on easy methods to create a small altar house that’s both moveable (so I can pack it up after spellwork) or fastened to a wall?

Related info: my bed room is about 10 x 13 ft and I’ve an excellent quantity of furnishings. I’ve about 6×5 space to work with. Usually once I do my spell casting it’s in the midst of my bed room flooring, the place I’ve simply sufficient house to solid a circle round me that I’m snug in.

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  1. An altar is simply a surface used for whatever magickal and/or ritual work at hand. It’s not the top of any specific piece of furniture unless the person has the luxury of space to designate a table or shelf, etc. for just that use. It’s not intended to be a display item so setting it up when you’re about to use it is fine.

    If you have a good amount of furniture then decide which one works height and surface wise for your practices. That’s kind of hard for anyone else to say, not knowing the specifics of what you do or your furniture is like. If you’re just doing tarot, anything from a footlocker to a sturdy tv tray table could work. I think most people stand when they’re doing ritual work so I would think the top of your bureau would work, possibly the shelf or top of a bookcase.

    Whatever surface you use, you can instantly “transform” it by placing down an altar cloth. Since you only use it for those purposes, the sheer act of placing it down can help you get into the appropriate frame of mind.

    There are a lot of wall shelves that would work, especially as a shrine. If you’re looking for ideas and potentially places to purchase, search “altar shelves” alternately with the modifiers Catholic, Buddhist, or Shinto.

  2. A while back someone posted pics of a lovely altar they had made by taking a fork-lift pallet and putting it on edge so that it formed a set of narrow shelves. Worked very well the way they did it, and took up minimal space.

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