Altar for 2 deities?

Altar for 2 deities?

Hiya, I’m new to hellenistic polytheism, and I used to be questioning, if I wished to make two shrines devoted to 2 totally different gods, would it not be okay if these had been on the identical shelf (not blended after all, I’d divide it in some type), or would that be deemed disrespectful?

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  1. You will get different answers depending on each witch’s experience, so I’m going to tell you to ask your deities what they want. Meditate on it and see what hits you get about their altars. I ask my deities what they want on their altars all the time.

  2. I’m saying this as an eclectic witch: It would only be disrespectful if you felt you were being disrespectful in doing this. If you feel, in your heart, that you are honoring them and that placing them on the same shelf is either a neutral thing, or a positive thing (as a real way of saying “you are both equally important to me”), then it *is* a positive thing.

    Your spiritual and magical journey and craft is yours alone. You alone do the work, you alone derive the benefit (sorta), and so it’s up to you to decide for yourself what honoring the divine means and what it looks like. If something doesn’t sit right with you, change it.

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