Altar setup for a number of deities

Altar setup for a number of deities

What are some suggestions for altar setups when you work with a number of deities? I do know numerous that is about what feels finest, what instinct says, and what spirit says, however I would not thoughts some concepts. I wish to hold altars to make choices, not simply to name on a god simply after I want it or it is handy for me. With that in thoughts, do you guys hold a number of gods in your Altar? Do you rotate them primarily based on the work you are doing? Is there a respectful strategy to put a deity statuary or altar work away elsewhere if you end up completed with their assist for a spell? Searching for recommendations!

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  1. Do you worship different pantheons? I am a Norse pagan witch and I work primarily with Loki but I also honor his family as well (partly out of respect for him but also for their associations). So I have an altar setup that basically play to all of them. I also have a couple of items there that are Norse in a general sense. We do call upon the other Norse deities but I don’t have a specific altar set up for them. I consider my house in itself as a bit of an altar and place of worship to my gods/goddesses. If you work with different pantheons I would keep those altars separate from each other.

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