Am I only a witch?……Or a Wiccan?

Am I only a witch?……Or a Wiccan?

That is one thing I have been battling with myself over for some time now, and haven’t been capable of finding a solution anyplace. I do not actually imagine in God’s and Goddesses, however I do imagine that the solar, moon, earth and universe on the whole are our suppliers and that they need to be cherished and worshiped in a lightweight sense. I imagine within the Rede, and that the whole lot comes again three fold….Just about the whole lot Wiccan apart from the deities.
Am I not a Wiccan as a result of I do not imagine in greater beings?

Aspect observe; I am new to the craft as of final 12 months, I by no means had a mentor or a instructor of any sort. I’m nonetheless studying…please be sort.

6 thoughts on “Am I only a witch?……Or a Wiccan?”

  1. It would be the case that you are not a Wiccan, but it should be noted, that is not a bad thing. Lots of witches aren’t Wiccans; and everyone walks a path all their own.

  2. “Exactly what the present-day witch believes I find it hard to say” – G.G., Witchcraft Today…

    …Personally, I think that it is much more important that someone who identifies as Wiccan is one who is studying, practicing and reflecting on Wiccan teachings, than it is that they hold a belief in a particular form of deity at any given time. I would say that you could call yourself a Wiccan if you wish.

  3. you can call yourself a Wiccan, who’s to say otherwise, the sun and moon are part of you. re-define shit, be a different type of Wiccan, there are different types of everything. make the world less boring and be yourself, be who ever you want and call yourself whatever you want, challenge the souls of the creatures whom dwell here, including yours. i believe that the name of something compared to what it actually is, is what defines beauty.

  4. I would say that you’re a Wiccan. The god and goddess in Wicca are simply personifications of the sun and moon. Just because you don’t see the “divine”/heavenly bodies the same way little suzie or little jimmy does doesn’t mean you’re kicked out of the religion. Wicca has very little dogma, and what little there is is up to interpretation.

    The same sort of thing is thrown around with Abrahamic faiths. “are jesus and God the same person, are they separate?” it depends on who you ask. Honestly, I find your following of the Wiccan laws (Rede, 3 fold law) to be stronger reasons to consider you a Wiccan, than your difference of opinion on the deities.

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