American Indian Ceremonies

American Indian Ceremonies
Medicine Hawk and Grey Cat announce the release, on July 1, 2003, of a newly revised edition of American Indian Ceremonies. This basic book, which sold steadily for over ten years, is a beginners guide to the more common ceremonies of the Medicine Path. Published by the authors and Three Moons Media, and edited by Barbara Ardinger, the book is available wholesale or retail from Booksurge or from this web site. Retail price is $15.95 and wholesale prices offer standard discounts. Retail outlets may go through R.R. Bowker’s Books in Print or Global Books in Print or call BookSurge directly, toll-free, at 866-308-6235.

Walking a medicine path means being truly at one with your environment. If you live in the city, there is no reason why you cannot walk the medicine path right where you are. You may take the concepts of the Sacred Pipe and the Medicine Wheel with you anywhere you desire. The authors present a contemporary set of instructions, based on native spiritual ways, to help you be one with the environment and our Living Earth.

Medicine Hawk and Grey Cat present a practical and straight-forward invitation to join into the fabric of our land and it’s ancient ways, adapted for today’s society. The sacred powers of this land are not dead – nor do they sleep. Through authentic ceremonies we can all tread the mystery of Turtle Island.

The medicine path does not cry to everyone. Not everyone answers, and for some it may be a long and difficult journey, whereas for others it may be the short way home. If you respond to the call of the medicine path, you will have much to learn and much to do. Following this path will take time from your usual amusements and it will change your life Although the Ancestors have given rough guidelines on how to follow the medicine path, exact instructions cannot be given because each one of us walks his or her own path.

The medicine path has currently taken the interest of many people as the latest fad in alternative spirituality. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The path is, however, much, much more than a fad or adventure. If you are reading these pages in order to have a general understanding of American Indian spirituality, you are welcome. Studying the medicine path, even if only out of curiosity, will help bring to you a greater understanding of the ancient spiritual presences here in Turtle Island.

For you who have heard or felt the call to the medicine path as the direction for your life, we can only help set your feet upon that path. The true medicine path is yours alone. It is within you, and your knowledge of it has been preserved for you by your own totem spirits. You, alone, must learn who they are and what they have to teach you.

The Great Spirit, Galunlati, has set his hand upon this land. His spirit keepers live within its trees and rocks, its streams, lakes and mountains. Whatever path to spirituality you are called to follow, it should move upon the land in harmony with these ancient ancestors.

Dr. Medicine Hawk Wilburn has a BS from Mercer University, an MEd from Georgia State University and a PhD from Southwest University. Born of American Indian and German ancestry, Hawk began his journey along the Medicine Path with the mother of an elementary school classmate, in the early sixties, in South Florida. He is author of Totem, Thunderhead, the Life and Times of a Half Breed and Urban Santeria. Hawk is a sixth grade teacher and university professor of education in Southern California, where he lives with his son, Ray and where the Inland Empire Grey Cat Coven meets regularly at the Temple of the Grey Cat.

Grey Cat, of unmixed European bloodlines, became active in Wicca in the early 1980’s. She was trained in British Traditional Wicca and founded her own group, Northwind Tradition of American Wicca, which has continued for 15 years. She is the author of Deepening Witchcraft; Advancing Skills and Knowledge; ECW Press, Montreal, 2002. Grey Cat has more than 15 years of experience in Wicca as a student and teacher contributed chapters to Witchcraft Today Volumes One and Two Grey Cat has also been active in the national Pagan community, serving with the Covenant of the Goddess, the leading national organization of Wiccan Covens, and as a board member of Ar n’Draiocht Fein, a modern Druidic tradition founded by Isaac Bonewits. She lives in Tennessee.

The fully revised edition will be released July 1, 2003. The first edition (American Indian Ceremonies; A Practical Workbook and Study Guide to the Medicine Path by Dr. Medicine Hawk Wilburn and Grey Cat; Inner Light Publications, New Brunswick, 1990, ISBN: 0-938294-72-5) sold steadily for a decade before being allowed to go out of print. The new edition, completely revised and with new material, was made possible by Three Moons Media and is available in print or as an e-book from Three Moons Media Bookstore or from Booksurge. Signed hard copies are available from this website.Retail outlets may go through R.R. Bowker’s Books in Print or Global Books in Print or call BookSurge directly, toll-free, at 866-308-6235.