An Indifference Spell?

An Indifference Spell?

Hi there! So, everybody’s all the time on about ‘love spells’ and ‘how do I make him/her/them fall in love with me?’ And I’ve executed a pair that labored quite effectively. [All done with the caveat ‘What you feel for me increases exponentially.’ So, it is manipulation of what they already feel. A sort of nudge to get them to text first.]

I’ve realised inside latest months that it is also good to have an indifference spell. One which, if I discover myself in limerance once more, I can work it and know that my feels ought to cut back to not less than a state of platonic affection, at most full indifference.

Can anyway recommend some strategies, phrases or phrases, candles, colors, threads, and many others? Please?

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  1. Usually a black candle is used for banishing. Black in general is for banishing. Casting to banish is best done during the waning moon.

    If you’re fond of sympathetic magic (so many creative options!) you could also freeze whatever you used for the spell in ice. Very literal!

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