Any recommendation to a newbie witch?

Any recommendation to a newbie witch?

I am making an attempt to change into a witch and I am solely 17 and there actually isnt a lot stuff on-line on methods to go about this so like??

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  1. Read a lot. Like a lot a lot. My first year in witchcraft I got every book I could find from the libraries. Now, many many years later, I have quite the library. There’s so much to learn 🙂

  2. What helped me most as a beginner was meditation. Practicing meditation cleared up lots of questions I had about the path I wanted to take. I also use meditation to crystallize my intent and energy before I do anything with my craft.

  3. (Practiced witchcraft for 5 years)

    Do not go skipping through pantheons, randomly choosing Whoever to worship while plastering over Them or Their rituals. They are Who They are. You cannot decide “Who” They are. Every Entity doesn’t immediately like/love you.

    Vodou is not “magic”. Vodou is a religion, per se.

    Do not take things from other cultures or religions when they have not taught them to you. There’s so much you miss out on when learning it from an actual elder

    The chakra system you read about in most books is bullshit. It’s a cheap rip-off of the chakra system used by Hindus and actual yogic practitioners (And Hindus DO make fun of Westerners’ understanding of it)

    Smudging is something certain First Nation tribes do before ceremonies and it varies tribe to tribe. The way it’s sold in stores is, most likely, not even true to the actual ritual and is typically an attempt by outsiders to “be” Native American. Do not sexualize First Nation people into “spiritual tree huggers who are one with Mother Earth and so infinitely wise”

  4. You’re looking in the wrong places if you feel there’s nothing!

    Check YouTube, tumblr, other subs here on reddit. There’s tons of links and resources to be found, just need to dig for them!

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