Anybody have expertise speaking with a beloved one who’s died?

Anybody have expertise speaking with a beloved one who’s died?

If that’s the case, please go away any assets, ideas, tales, and many others! Thanks!

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  1. So shortly after my grandfather passed away I had this dream that we were sitting in chairs in a nice garden together. He was about thirty years younger, smoking a cigar and wearing a white suit.

    He said something about how he really missed smoking cigars (he quit when he was around 50 and died at 85). Then he told me I need to relax more and stop being so stressed out about work and other crap that ultimately doesn’t matter.

    Was it real? Probably not. But the image of my grandfather happy was nice. And the advice, while fairly generic, is also true. It didn’t need to come from him to be relevant.

    A fine dream. But his journey has ended. Our paths crossed for a time. But I have to keep moving forward.

  2. I have found lucid dreaming to be a huge help in dealing with the death of my father. Whether he is a creation of my subconscious or his spirit in another realm (depends what you believe)… being able to talk to him, hug him and tell him I love him is very powerful and healing.

    Also as another poster mentioned psylocibin is another way to be closer to your Grandma. Whenever I take psylocibin Now I have felt my fathers presence strongly, and known/felt that he is with me always. Also through DMT the universe allowed me to let go of some of the guilt and sadness i feel in relation to his loss. Also very powerful and strengthening.

    Of course I’m not recommending ‘just do drugs’; it depends on your past experience, set and setting, and intent, and being in a safe place with the right person/s.

    Sorry for your pain and sadness and good luck with whatever way you choose. If you have any questions on my answer please pm me.

  3. The key is to respect the dead, rather than command them the way you might do with spirits – generally the dead don’t want to be bothered and they take exception to the rudeness and disrespect of one of their descendants bullying them into showing up – and because the rules for the dead are different, they are free to refuse you summons. My advice is bring food, drink, and gifts to a crossroads at midnight, do your standard clearing, a summoning as suits you (I’ve had good results from both Hecate, who was an underworld guide, and Odin – others I know use Papa Legba or the Baron, or Hermanubis) but then, rather than commanding, *invite.* If you don’t get immediate results, it may take several attempts, so don’t get discouraged. Edit: and when you’re done, turn around and walk away without turning back. Very important!

    Also note that ancestor work is an opportunity for serious healing. We all carry, both in our spirits and our dna, the trauma and suffering of our ancestors. When they show up, ask then what they need to be healed or for ancestral blockages to be cleared. I was completely humbled by the positive changes in my life, health, and wealth when I started talking to my ancestors.

    Also, if you don’t already, make a space on your altar for ancestors.

    Finally, be prepared to have your ass handed to you by them with regards to your part in the dysfunction in your current family. My grandad had some unkind words for me about how everyone was treating my Nana, and would not rest until I had taken action to remedy the situation.

    Good luck and blessed be!

  4. No. And don’t let anybody manipulate you into thinking you can. At best, smoke some Salvia and pray you can contact them through the part in your brain that still holds their thoughts.

  5. Just recently I had the opportunity to hang out the spirits of both the Grandmother and Mom of a dear friend of mine. Which was really surprising since I, for one was not intending for them to actually be with me and two I never tried anything like that before.

    Although we didn’t actually speak to one another I’m guessing they thought I was a pretty funny person, considering I kept fumbling words and giggling during the prayer. I knew they were there by the way this sudden rush of energy just jolted from within and I couldn’t stop laughing until I prayed for the resting of their souls and the well being of their families.
    I never had the opportunity to meet his mother but I’m hoping I was able to make a lasting impression and I’m looking forwards to hanging out with her again.
    As for tips, there’s really nothing I can offer you considering this incident was purely accidental!

  6. I spoke to my dead grandmother after smoking DMT. Believe what you want but DMT is the key to the spirit world as well as other dimensions in time and space.

  7. I was once able to converse with my grandmother using a woman called Mercy as a conduit. I can’t explain how Mercy was able to do this, but she spoke like her, smelled like her and called me pet names that only she would know (like totally uncommon, my grandmother liked to call me Gertrude, haha).

    That was a long time ago, since then I have grown in my power as a witch and in shamanic and oneiric practices, and I also lost my father. I initially contacted my father through the dream world, I’ve always been fairly powerful in oneiromancy and lucid dreaming. He was sitting by a fire with my grandfather, and he had regained his size and strength and red hair and beard. They were playing with balls of coloured energy, my dad joked to me that they were learning “the secrets” and that they now lived “in the other room”. In life my dad was a hedgewitch and was of Norwegian ancestry, he was deeply spiritual and believed that death is only a step in the journey of a soul and that he would travel on in the universe in other forms and other lives. I have since been studying shamanic practices and connecting to my ancestors on my mother’s side who are Aboriginal, and through journeying to the lower realms have contacted my father and spoken to him and his spirit animal the wolf at length. It may help you to look into Shamanic practices, there is much more to the world and to ourselves that science has yet to even begin to explain. Don’t listen to the doubters. Magic happens.

  8. When my grandmother (I consider her my true mother) died I felt the worst pain in my life. For ten days I felt her with me in every moment, until one night while I was crying myself to sleep I told her I was going to be fine, she didn’t have to worry about me, she needed to follow her path and I loved her. I felt her understanding me, sending me love and leaving. It was one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever lived.

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