Anybody know the place to get a very good high quality and exquisite rune set?

Anybody know the place to get a very good high quality and exquisite rune set?

I attempted trying round however most have dangerous evaluations on them on Amazon. I’m attempting to review runes and would admire your assist.

6 thoughts on “Anybody know the place to get a very good high quality and exquisite rune set?”

  1. The reason most of ’em have crappy reviews is because the pictures will show large, smooth runes that are all the same basic shape and color, often color adjusted to look practically luminescent.

    What you typically *get* however, is a bag the size of a baby’s fist filled with random tumbled stones, some of which may be cracked or broken, with the runes inscribed either very shakily, or downright illegibly.

    IMO, your best bet, aside from making your own, would be to go to a physical store and ask to see the set in person. That way you can see what the runes *actually* look like, rather than the airbrushed fashion magazine version.

  2. I’ve made my own runes by wood burning slices of birch from a branch I found on the ground, then I wrote a blessing for them. They’re beautiful to me.

  3. It really depends on what youโ€™re looking for. If you intend to draw a lot of single runes from the bag, and are relying on an up or down position, then you will want a rune set with a consistent shape. If you intend to toss the runes onto a surface like dice then a more organic-shaped rune would be just fine such as polished stones. You should also consider materials that might appeal to you. Do you feel more drawn to the idea of runes made from clay, polished stone or crystal, bone or antler, or wood. I have only personally owned two sets of runes: One was a ceramic/clay manufactured set from a Ralph Blum kit that belonged to my grandfather (RIP), the other was a gift from my best friend which is a set of amethyst stones carved and painted with runes in a gold paint. Neither are particularly expensive however both have yielded amazing results. Antler or bone will probably not be good for reversals. Wood, I donโ€™t think I would like the lack of weight. I would not buy another ceramic/clay set because of the sound they make when they grind together.

    Personally, I now only use the amethyst runes and I cast them onto a cloth and determine their relevance to the situation or question based on their vicinity from the center, their cardinal position on the space, and also how the runes group together. I ignore any that have the symbol not visible(face down).

    I would personally suggest ruins made from a polished stone or crystal, because they can essentially double as an enhancer or grounding element. You could even choose to have different sets for particular different situations that you are divining.

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