Anybody right here have any expertise with Meteorites?

Anybody right here have any expertise with Meteorites?

I used to be just lately gifted a ravishing chunk of meteorite and after carrying it on a leather-based twine for the previous month, I’ve observed a large change in my emotional stability. I undoubtedly really feel extra grounded than common. I have not discovered any concrete sourcing on details about meteors, however I used to be questioning in case you all had any info or experiences with them? Thanks a lot!

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  1. I’ll have to find the information I had on it again, but basically, meteorites act as conduits of universal energy, helping you to both reach out and reach in, and feel the true depth of what is available to you.
    You may be feeling more grounded because that was the aspect of being a ‘universal’ person that you were missing. The other commenter may, on the other hand, feel more open to the vastness/void of space and the flight of other worlds because that is what they need.
    Either way, I carry my piece with me everywhere, and I have plans to one day have it used in a wedding band for me and my eventual partner 🙂

  2. Interesting. My partner and I each recently got meteorite pendants. Personally I find that when I wear it I feel less grounded, sometimes in a great, fantastical way. It appears that I associate my meteorite chunk with confidence, wild creativity, and dreaming. I attribute this sensation to frequently holding the specimen and visualizing the the depth of space.

  3. I have a meteorite pendant that I wear all the time, and I notice that it doesn’t so much ground me as send energy through all of my chakras, activating them and connecting them. My moldavite, however, is very different. When I first got it, I could only wear it for about 20 minutes at a time without getting dizzy. Now, I wear it and feel like it aligns me and opens me to ideas beyond my typical grasp. I wouldn’t say it’s the opposite of being grounded, but it’s like it shoots you into a higher vibration so fast that you might lose sense of your grounded connection until you become used to it. Both pieces are very powerful.

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