Are footage of an altar dangerous?

Are footage of an altar dangerous?

I as soon as noticed a submit that stated “I’m shocked on the quantity of people who find themselves postong pictires of their altars. Do not they understand how dangerous it’s?”

Why would it not be dangerous?

3 thoughts on “Are footage of an altar dangerous?”

  1. In theory, there are two potential problems. First, someone can use your altar as information to send baneful magic your way. Second, making your altar public can have the same effect as letting people see an unfinished sketch, “freezing” your work in place for a minute. For 95% of people, neither of these issues really matter. At least, that’s been my experience.

  2. My altar pics I share are never inclusive of any actual workings I have going on, usually I take pics immediately after rearranging my altar and I wanna show off how aesthetically pleasing I think it is.

    When I have spell work or other workings going on it, I don’t take photos.

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