Are Salem Witch Trial Jokes Offensive?

Are Salem Witch Trial Jokes Offensive?

The Salem Witch trials occurred over three centuries in the past and the premise of it was fairly silly however I’ve had somebody get mad at me for making a joke in regards to the conflagrations of “witches” (I doubt any of them had been truly witches, and sure, I do know they had been hung and never burned like they historically was.)

Attending to the purpose now: I am asking this right here as a result of… The place else do you ask this query? That is the subreddit for witchcraft, in any case.

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  1. I have a gallows sense of humor so I don’t get offended. It’s not like witchcraft is a race or anything, we don’t all think alike

  2. Frankly, I prefer not to hear any conflagratory jokes, considering what’s at stake. What really burns me up about Salem Witch jokes is that they’ve been tried, and most were executed poorly. Such offensive humor really brings me to the end of my rope, it’s a real crucible of a situation.

  3. The “Burning Times” have been vastly overstated, especially in the new world. And Margret Murry, who Gardner used as one of his sources, created that mythology (there was no prehistoric witch-cult). So no, it shouldn’t be offensive but when has that ever stopped anyone?

  4. I mean, depends on the person. Some people don’t know how to take a joke, or simply get offended by a lot of things. I’m gay and I LOVE homophobic jokes^Most ^of ^them ^are ^true ^tho

  5. Depends on the joke. There could be a Salem joke in which the punchline showed the prosecutors to be idiots and that wouldn’t be a problem for me. Or there could be a Salem joke which basically said ‘Good – they deserved it’,and that has the potential to be offensive. Personally I don’t offend easy (‘what’s the difference between a jew and a pastie’ doesn’t bother me because it’s not denigrating* jews, simply stating that they were de facto put in ovens). But I know there are those who do, and try not to upset them more than I have to.

    *Denigrating means making black, and I do find the word has the potential to be offensive.

  6. I mean if your muggle ass starts spouting some ignorant shit about Salem in my broom closet, you’d regret it. ☠️🐍🌙✨

    Jk humor is subjective.

  7. Everyone can choose to be offended by whatever they want. But that’s their problem. I’d they can’t handle words well, it’s high time they learn.

  8. Some people just can’t take jokes. Also humor is subjective.
    I don’t think there is anything wrong with it but sometimes when my friend and I will burn herbs we might get the matches a bit to close to each other and joke about burning the witch.

  9. A good rule of thumb about humour is if it is punching down at a group that lacks priviledge, then maybe don’t. So a salem witch trial joke really depends on who’s saying it, the actual joke, and the context. I have heard male comedians make fun of women by calling them witches and saying they will burn them…then getting angry when called out for it. I mean the witch trials (which occurred in europe at the time as well as salem), were a genocide against women. Women are still murdered by men, in some countries on suspicion of witchcraft. And sexism still exists, so if someone in power like a man is ‘punching’ down at women in a sexist way, maybe not. but a women reclaiming the burning in a joke about herself or her identity, maybe is fine…

  10. Thank you for all your opinions. Sometimes I wish there was an encyclopedia that tells you what’s offensive and what isn’t and considering someone got offended at my joke I was wondering if the majority of people would also get offended (clearly they don’t but I wanted to be safe instead of ignorant).

  11. Nope. Offense is a choice thing. Getting offended is something you become so one can decide not to become it. If fewer people choose too become offended it would make for a much more fun world but you get something for free is you get offended; compensation, win a point, make someone feel bad, whatever, it’s all a cheap and lazy way of operating. Avoid people who are easily offended. They make bad choices.

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