Ashra Koehn?

Ashra Koehn?

So mainly, I’ve this loopy crush on this boy, I like and I cannot, CAN NOT cease eager about him. However, the issue is that he says he is not into me however he appears excited by me. I’m a considerably believer in witchcraft/supernatural so I went on-line to seek out some love spells or one thing related. I discovered Ashra and located that she has so many optimistic critiques primarily based on boards and video critiques. I simply wish to know whether or not she’s actual and her stuff actually works earlier than I buy one among her choices. So the query is, is she actual and does her magic work? Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Ashra Koehn?”

  1. I personally believe it is never okay to cast a spell on them without their permission. However, you could look into spells that will draw love your way, but not from a specific person.

  2. Whether she is real or not, I believe there are better ways to find your way into the boy’s heart. Perhaps you should look to those ways before turning to magic. It is not good to try to muck with the free will of others.

  3. I can’t say for sure (I’ll say 75% sure), but I think I remember someone spending all their money on her for some spell that never worked.

    This person’s irresponsibility aside, many people in the thread didn’t like Koehn’s practice (i.e. letting someone spend so much and not keeping in touch). The only people that defended Koehn (or whoever it was – their website was similar if they aren’t the same) were accounts made that day, and seemed pretty likely to be her making fake accounts.

    [Her website]( has links to reviews… there’s only two. Even ignoring my personal anecdote, she seems suuuuper sketch

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