Assembly anyone with sure traits

Assembly anyone with sure traits

Hey Guys, I am the brand new to the board. I’ve a historical past of doing mantras, meditation, and a few primary sigil stuff. These have been profitable in serving to me profession sensible and placing me involved with good individuals within the leisure trade. I am actually curious if there are any methods/strategies to attract musicians with sure traits to me. I’ve an thought in my head of a sort of musician I would wish to work with and I would like to draw an individual with these traits and abilities. I have been engaged on myself and my music within the meantime and am curious of any occult strategies to assist

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  1. What you’ve done for yourself through the Craft will work to get you what you want here — use those same types of spells to bring the person you want into your life.

  2. OK, so if it was me, I’d take a green pen for success and abundance, and a yellow piece of paper for creativity and intellectual pursuits. Write out all the traits you’re looking for, and then put the paper on a fireproof surface. Put a yellow, green or yellow and green candle on the page, dedicate it, anoint it if you want to, then place it on the page and light. Allow it to burn down all the way, and then fold up the paper and the wax together three times, and tie it in an appropriate coloured ribbon, three or nine times depending on the length, and you can also say something affirming, either “as I will, so mote it be”, or something more personal. Then bury the bundle outside. I’ve used that format for a ton of spells and it’s pretty effective, cheap and cheerful too.

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