Assist empowering natural mix.

Assist empowering natural mix.

Hello, guys

I have been making this mixture of important oils in a base of Florida water for a couple of months and wish to know what else I can do to make it stronger, helpful to my wants. The principle function of it’s to take away negativity from my residence and from myself, and to permit creativity and confidence to flourish. I researched a number of herbs which might be identified to assist with that. Sage, hyssop, rosemary, lemon, cedar, pine, clary sage and even added some bergamot to assist calm nervousness.

The way in which I have been making my combine is by including florida water right into a dropper bottle then including drops of the oils with their particular intentions in thoughts. After the whole lot is added I additional add my intentions to the finished mix. Aside from that I do not do anything to it, in addition to hold it subsequent to my mattress.

I exploit it round the home to take away negativity by dropping a couple of drops in each nook, and rubbing some over home windows and doorways. And I apply it to myself once I really feel I want a lift of confidence or have to calm my nerves by rubbing it on my fingers then actually sweep the negativity away from my physique as if it have been mud.

I am fairly new to practising any of this, and I haven’t got altars, books, candles or any of the cool stuff you guys have. However, any steering or recommendation is welcome and I am going to attempt my finest to amass no matter you advocate.

I actually simply picked bits and items up from right here and youtube. So, sorry if this complete submit made your eyes roll. 🙂

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  1. It seems like you have the grasp of it. Spell work is all about intention. You can be as simple or complex as you’d like.
    I love rosemary, lemon, sage mixtures BTW!! 💞

    A little goes a long way. With that in mind you don’t need to use every oil, just one for each intention or finding oils with multiple uses that suit your spells.

    Other things you could do is add herbs or flowers to the water bottle, let the water sit under the power of a full moon, burn color coordinated candles while creating the mixture…

    My favorite easy to use book is Scott Cunninghams Book of Shadows! It’s easy to use, many simple spells and rituals as well as tons of great charts with oils, colors, runes etc. So you can pretty much piece any spell together with the info in his book. Another great one is Grimoire for the Green witch. It’s a bit more bulky on the ritualistic side, but includes more charts that the book of shadows is lacking.

    Hope this helped!!

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