Assist wanted. Perhaps curse was concerned

Assist wanted. Perhaps curse was concerned

A number of weeks in the past I moved to a brand new place, the place I do know actually just a few quantity of individuals. Yesterday after I got here dwelling after work I noticed a locked lock (with no key) that was mendacity on the ground close to the door inside my residence. The one manner it will probably get there’s the mail slot (it’s moderately large). I heard that it might be some curse for me. What ought to I do? What does it imply?

2 thoughts on “Assist wanted. Perhaps curse was concerned”

  1. Never jump to “it’s a curse!” I’m sorry, but we don’t live in a fantasy world of sorcerers and paladins. When you assume something is a curse, you create the very curse you fear. It all comes from you. When you think in this way, not only do you invite negative things into your life, you actually give them energy and permission.

    In other words: Stop believing curses are real. They’re not.

  2. Let’s just hope some kid was like “this will be a hilarious prank” and they shoved it through. It is most likely harmless, but maybe to ease your own concerns you can give the home a good cleansing and try not to dwell on it being a negative thing. Things can feel strange and uncomfortable in a new place especially when you don’t know a lot of people so that might be why you feel a little more spooked by the whole thing. Totally understandable.

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