Assist with a attainable spirit in my home

Assist with a attainable spirit in my home

Howdy! Let me begin by saying I am very, VERY new to this. I imagine I’ve a ghost in my home that is not likely welcome anymore. It is nothing unhealthy from what I can sense, simply is beginning to make its presence extra prevalent. I have been attempting to know banishing and cleaning however I am overwhelmed. To date I’ve sea salt and white tea lights and not likely certain the place to go from right here. If anybody might assist me step-by-step it will be actually appreciated 🙁

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  1. What i can suggest for you is to make some form of blessed water and to give you a quick version of it just hold your hands over it say some sort of prayer that you want the water to be cleansed of all negativity in this world and in the astral and maybe close it with a so mote it be or an amen

    When your done with that go around your home in each room and say something like “This room is blessed by the element of water all negativity scatter leaving only the good”

    what i also highly suggest is you try to use a smudge stick which mostly is made out of dry sage and sometimes it would have other herbs with it.

    I also suggest as a precaution while your doing this imagine the room being filled with white or pink light

    I hope this helps thanks for reading

  2. I don’t know if I can help you much with a step-by-step process of protecting your house, but I know of a few things that can be used;

    A few things for purifying a house;
    Pure salt can be used around the borders of your property or the threshold of your living space (doorways and such) to prevent spirits from entering.

    Smudge sticks of white sage or of sage in general can purify an area of any and all energy and spirits. Burn them and carry them around your house, allowing the smoke to fill and disperse an area before moving on.

    Another thing is the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) which is a bit more involved and complex but its one of the more powerful rituals you can do. There are lots of instructions online on how to do this. (Also, it was part of an organization’s ritual structure, but the organization has since broken up. I believe there are some pagan/witchy variations of it if you’re uncomfortable with the Angel associations, although I use the original)

    Holly can also be used for protection (historically it was planted near houses to protect them from evil witchcraft) A wand of Holly can be used to banish spirits.

    Dragon’s Blood incense and resin is really good for protection and also to use in binding spirits, and writing spells. DO the same thing you would with sage for the Dragon’s Blood. (One warning- Dragon’s Blood has a rather… pungent smell. I’d recommend leaving your windows open when doing this and getting a fan shortly afterwards)

    What I do when I clear my space of energy, since I can’t burn incense (though I would if I could) I simply open my doors and windows and clean my space really well, and pour salt outside my door and windows, while envisioning energy and everything around it being swept up and brushed out the door or being blown out the window. Sometimes I do the LBRP if I feel something still hanging around after this.

    I hope this helps and good luck!

  3. Have you even bothered making peace with the house-spirit?

    I’d recommend you leave offering of either from your table, milk and honey, tobacco and ale/whiskey/etc or something of the sort nightly.

    If you are still bothered, make the spirit clothing. It carries risk of angering it more, but if it works, it will leave. Spirits are wild things, and are repelled by attempts to make them tame.

  4. Because you’re new, you’re eager to find proof of the supernatural in your daily life. This is treating spirituality as a form of entertainment and does you a tremendous disservice. I’m sorry for being blunt but … ghosts aren’t real. They exist only in the imagination. I wish they were real, don’t get me wrong, because that would be incredible.

    **EDIT:** Thanks for the downvotes, everyone. I guess I’ll refrain from sharing my honest opinion in the future. Good luck with your sub.

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