Assist with desires

Assist with desires

I’ve a pal in a special state. She has very dangerous nightmares. I’m in search of a spell that I can do to assist her. Would enything one have any concepts?

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  1. I’ve made dream satchets for friends with similar issues. Filling them with herbs like lavender, lemon balm, peppermint, etc. You could also place a sigil inside. Then I tie them shut and have my friends place them in their pillow cases. I’ve heard good things so far.

  2. Tell her to get a dream catcher from a native American tribe. She can also do grounding and centering work, and do some protection work in her bedroom. I’ve found also that asking one’s spirit guides to filter out anything unnecessary and harmful helps 🙂

  3. Try sweet dreams tea its a dream suppressing tea lots of herbal options this path.

    One of the “test” to astral project, is a “terror test. a lot of people that have “night terrors” are accidently putting them selves in sleep paralysis which is the “trance” required to sleep astral project.

    Dreams are fully controllable it takes practice but is do able. What you believe is.

    I know i know treating problems not symptoms, curse my tcm thinking. /s

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