Assist with Goals

Assist with Goals

I’ve had vivid desires so far as I can keep in mind, however I’ve solely just lately been finding out witchcraft and attempting to interpret desires. I’ve had a few good experiences with desires that had clear which means (I requested to fulfill my spirit information one evening earlier than mattress and received a transparent response) and a few unclear experiences that I would really like your assist with if potential.

I’ve periodically been dreaming that I’m a messenger hen. I keep in mind distinctly in one which I used to be searching for somebody however I could not keep in mind who till I discovered them. After I did discover them, it was a younger man who was blissful to see me and I used to be delighted to seek out him. Nothing romantic in any respect, it was similar to I all of the sudden wasn’t misplaced anymore and I used to be delighted to seek out my superior. I really feel like that man was crucial, however I can’t discover a lot info on males with messenger birds.

I additionally had a dream final evening that somebody stole my tarot deck and I needed to battle them to get the playing cards again. Through the combating, the playing cards received scattered in every single place and I keep in mind considering it was crucial that I discover the Loss of life card. After I awoke, I drew one card at random and it was the Loss of life card. I used to be delighted to see it however once more… I’m not certain what the dream meant.

Any concepts?

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  1. Perhaps your messenger bird dream is saying that you enjoy doing things for others(and maybe even unknowingly getting used by others at times) but its made you feel a bit lost and either you already have or will in the future figure out where you should be or what you should be doing.

    Among many meanings for the death card it mostly represents change.
    so perhaps your tarot dream was trying to tell you that you feel like something has been taken from you (perhaps why you have been feeling lost) and you have been fighting to get it back but its time to let it all go and make a change. I imagine going by both dreams its a change within yourself and a fight to hold onto your old self.

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