Assist with some witchy confidence constructing/job looking

Assist with some witchy confidence constructing/job looking

Hey guys,

I’ve had a very bizarre/dangerous couple of months. I used to be in, from an exterior perspective, a dream job—a really excessive rating place at a giant firm. However I wasn’t excellent at it. And it careworn me out. So, it was a blended blessing once I was laid off in April.

I spent the summer time with my youngsters, meditating, getting again to myself and unwinding the stress and anxiousness the job had spun me into. I’ve utilized for a number of different jobs, however only some, and I’ve gotten them. I am beginning to doubt my skills, my abilities and myself generally. As a lot as I’ve cherished having the break, I really feel prefer it’s time for me to get all the way down to brass tacks. Additionally, the cash sitch could possibly be higher. As a result of not working is not very profitable. 😉

So, my query is that this: do you’ve any spells that work for turning dangerous luck round? Any recommendations for utilizing witchy means to safe some confidence? I really feel I am attacking myself with detrimental ideas and vibes and different individuals can sense if, you recognize?

Thanks to your assist!

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  1. Definitely, do some cleansing and self-love. Smudge the house and yourself, take a nice hot bath, light some candles (pink helps for self-love).

    Get yourself some crystals – i like rose quartz, clear quartz to amplify. citrine for luck and confidence. hematite to block negative energy.

    I’d watch out for energy suckers – maybe negative people around you or people that cause you stress, perhaps frenemies?

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