Audition Spells

Audition Spells

Hey everybody! I’ve a giant audition developing and was questioning if any others theatre witches have used a profitable spell for getting forged in a present, and provides me some steering? Thanks!

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  1. Enchant your footwear. It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m​nervous and need to feel grounded and to have a spring in my step. Make two matching spell sachets with the sigil and herbs of your choice and put them in the shoes you’ll be wearing the night before. Bonus points if you can infuse the energy of what you want to accomplish with your audition into them! And break a leg (or toi toi toi as we say in opera)!

  2. I know this isn’t magical, but a great audition tip I was once given was to perform in the audition as if I had already gotten the part. Not to be full of myself, but to put aside the “I hope I get the part” nerves. Good luck!

  3. I agree, glamour spells and asking Dionysus for help. You could also use a confidence sigil to add to it. For glamour spells, I find that rose or rosewater is very effective, and a little bit of glitter somewhere too! I’ll either enchant my makeup or some soap and take a bath or shower. Break a leg and merde!

  4. If you don’t work with Dionysus, amethyst crystals are associated with Him, it would be a good idea to have one on you. Things like cinnamon, mint, roses, and cloves are good for success and glamour.

  5. All of these other suggestions are great! I also like to use artifacts in my spells to make them a little more “specific” so if you have a program, script, the soundtrack, a tshirt, anything from this show, including that in the ritual could help!

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