I wish to educate myself

I did not actually know that witches existed in any significant approach till considerably not too long ago. The extra I’ve learn up and even simply perusing this web page, the extra I turn out to be. Query: I do know that the witchcraft group at giant is fairly disjointed when it comes to beliefs, however is there any type of broadly acknowledged, unifying textual content that is not the work of some random modern-day creator who could or will not be simply writing down their private emotions on the topic? I would like to coach myself, as a result of I have been making an attempt to study extra, however most websites I’ve come throughout do not look significantly respected.

Suggestions for a brand new witch’s first lunar eclipse?

Hey! So I’m a brand new witch and was questioning if anybody had any ideas or concepts for issues I might do subsequent week throughout the lunar eclipse? I plan on doing quite a lot of meditating and was wanting into presumably creating moon water, would it not have totally different properties than other forms of moon water? I’m very appreciative for any assist and knowledge.
As a aspect notice, I stay with a really skeptical roommate whom wouldn’t be comfortable with figuring out what I’m doing and I’m a poor school pupil so I do have some limitations.

“HELP! I am new, the place do I start?” – A (very) fundamental place to begin.


I follow conventional Celtic witchcraft, which signifies that my craft relies out of Scotland / Wales / Eire – all three.

After I first began, I had actually no thought of what witchcraft entailed in addition to carrying a gown and standing in a circle. After I first met my coven, it was my literal first ever contact with a coven of any type. I had a terrific many questions, as many individuals right here do.

All the pieces that I’m talking of right here could be discovered on-line or in books. There isn’t any proper approach, and there’s no flawed solution to do any of this.

* I will not be giving any particular spells.

Earlier than delving into any specifics, I first need to stress one main matter: Your will and your intent.

All the pieces that you simply do should be by your personal will. You’ll “x” to occur. By your will.

This goes hand in hand with your personal intent. You plan for “x” to occur. By your will.

With out your will and with out your intent, what do you may have? Ponder on that.


There are numerous instruments at your disposal.

* The most typical is an altar – that is your house, it’s your sacred house. It’s yours. No one else goes to it and no person else is aware of what your little trinkets and doodads are, or what they’re for.

* Many witches use an Athame, which is a knife supposed to be used in your workings. Once more, this can be a instrument. You should utilize it for easy duties corresponding to carving a candle, scooping out candle wax, or go extra intricate as to reducing open a portal once you’re calling your quarters.

* Candles are a given. Not solely do they offer off mild, however they can be utilized for meditation in addition to spells. You have to gown the candle utilizing scented oil (the scent does not matter). Carve your title into it, within the middle, going upward towards the wick. On the backside, you can too carve an invoking pentacle or a witch’s foot. As a newbie, I’d recommend the invoking pentacle.
* With the oil, put three drops on it – backside, middle, prime. Some individuals will say to rub the oil towards you to deliver issues to you, or away from you to push issues away. I used to be taught otherwise.
* Whenever you mild the candle for the primary time, repeat the phrase, “Gentle and darkish are turning. Luck be within the burning.” till the flame touches the wax.
* It’s good to have one for your self in addition to a white candle for the Lord and a crimson candle for the Woman – the identical could be executed for a god and goddess.
* White = Seed of the Lord, Purple = Blood of the Woman. Ever surprise why peppermints and sweet canes are historically crimson and white? Shock! Witchcraft!
* Sure, completely different colours do various things, but it surely’s not at all times necessary to make use of colours. White is a catch-all and can be utilized for something.

* Gems are very, very useful. All of them do various things corresponding to affecting your physique and so they have an effect on your thoughts. As a result of there are such a lot of, it is best to seek out some and discover out what they do by Googling “magical properties of ___”
* The essential gems to at all times have are Quartz, Citrine, and Amethyst.

* Wands are superb, as properly. You must carve runes into them in addition to your title. There are completely different runes that do various things for you. Terminate any knots or holes by X’ing them out. When you do not do that, think about a fireplace hose with puncture holes – your vitality goes EVERYWHERE which is not going to do you any good. You additionally have to carve a rune utilizing your astrological signal on an arrow pointing to the route of intent.
* I am completely going to say this, and I will be damned if my thoughts is modified about it: in the event you purchase a Harry Potter wand then you might be buying a stick and nothing extra. Do not buy into that. Please. For the love of all that’s holy, let Hollywood keep in your display and never in your altar.

ALL of this could and, in my view, ought to go in your altar.

You must also make the instruments yours. You are able to do this just by utilizing them and dealing them. In my view, three drops of blood and pushing your vitality into the instrument are the correct approach to do that, however once more there isn’t a flawed or proper approach.


Once more, I follow Celtic and never Wiccan, Asatru, People, Voodoo, or Hoodoo. They’re all completely different, although Wiccan pulls very, very closely from Celtic.

My two strategies are Celtic Tree Mysteries by Steve Blamires, and The Guide of Celtic Magic by Kristoffer Hughes.


I’m going to refer again to the preface: Your will and your intent are key to working magic.

You should be clear along with your intent as a result of any misstep and the universe will exploit it. For example, as an instance you do a spell to discover a job that pays $25.00/hr, all the greatest people who you can ever hope to work with, paid time without work, and possibly even any individual who you can see your self attending to know very properly. However you do not land the job. Why not? Since you did a spell to seek out the job however you did not do a spell to land it.

Any working must be executed inside a circle. To solid a circle, I wish to think about a tube developing from the earth and a tube happening from me – the 2 join and I pull the vitality up by means of and over my physique. Envision the circle changing into stable round you and push it out – it does not matter how massive, but it surely must be large enough to incorporate you and your working house.

Whenever you’ve solid your circle, ring a bell twelve instances. The thirteenth bell brings you again into time.

* Pentacles: There are 5 factors on a pentacle which signify Spirit, Earth, Water, Air, and Hearth. [This is a good image](https://78.media.tumblr.com/d2b920e4da7f2076aa45b2d3f538f20b/tumblr_inline_o6x0wfHrYW1rqznhp_400.png) which exhibits the order of parts.


When you’re casting a spell, the phrases do not matter. They do not. The phrases are yours to make and they’re the way you direct your will.

You may make sigils. You are able to do spells with candles. There are spells that you are able to do along with your freezer. You may make a witch’s jar. These are issues that you simply, little witchling, should analysis and discover for your self.

There are 4 guidelines of magic that it’s essential to comply with in order for you a spell to work:

* To know
* To will
* To dare
* Silence

You have to know what you need to do. You have to work your will for the spell. You have to dare to do it, and dare the spell to work. Then don’t converse of it.

* Anybody one who thinks that the spell is not going to work will immediately break it. One particular person is all it takes. Because of this individuals at all times say that you would be able to’t inform what you wished for once you blow out your birthday candle.


These are the fundamental core ideas to work magic. To grasp magic, nevertheless… That could be a complete completely different matter 😉 I’ve now given you a platform to face on, however it’s as much as you to maintain your stability. You have to perceive how X does Y and why A does B.

There’s **SO MUCH MORE** so that you can study, little witchling. From right here, it’s as much as you.

Flag, Flax, Frigga, Fodder.

Fireplace, Heath, and House.

Blessed be.


Being pregnant Assist

My supervisor has been making an attempt to get pregnant for the final 5 years and some days in the past she instructed me she was 14 weeks alongside, I could not assist however cry with happiness! She is the loveliest, kindest, sweetest particular person and essentially the most wonderful supervisor. Sadly, she is affected by loads of ache and I do know prior to now she has miscarried.
She is in a same-sex marriage and had a sperm donor (Insemination)
I used to be questioning if my fellow sisters had any spells I may do to assist her have a simple and glad being pregnant.
Any assist and recommendation can be wonderful. Thanks.