Beginner! Tarot 101

Beginner! Tarot 101

Hello! I’m new to witchcraft and have already discovered a profound change in how significantly better I really feel. I actually would like to get into tarot and my boyfriend purchased me a tarot mucha deck. Can anybody assist me, both direct me or give me somewhat rundown of tarot 101? Ideas?

Actually, thanks! Something helps!

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  1. Things I wished I’d known when starting out:

    1. There are tarot readers who read from the book that comes with the deck… and then those that go off of their vast system of knowledge. Both work, but expose yourself to a lot of resources regardless of which group you fall into.

    2. There are typically three systems of tarot symbolism/deck style, learn which one you like and choose your expanded reading accordingly. While I’m not familar with the Mucha Tarot, it looks like it is ‘based’ on the Rider-Waite Smith system (as opposed to Thoth or Marseille).

    3. Tarot can be as complicated or as simple as you’d like it to be. This is important only so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Also, it is religious to some people… and not to others. Both groups deserve their opinion to be heard. Likewise, it is helpful to compare notes from both perspectives. Tarot is diverse, and that’s both great and confusing.

    4. If you’re looking for different approaches to learning/familiarizing yourself with the cards some people choose a ‘card a day’, some people keep notes, other people just read often. The choice is yours, and I highly suggest experimenting to learn how you familiarize yourself best. Don’t worry if it takes you a while… many tarot readers spend decades learning.

    5. Your typical tarot deck is actually two decks in one Majors and Minors. While it’s probably not true across the board, when starting out, it’s helpful to remember this. Majors are often seen as ‘major events’ while the minors describe ‘minor details’ of the events. This can be helpful, or you can get rid of the notion entirely. But, it is okay to look at your deck as two in one… and learn it accordingly.

    6. Reversals have many different meaning… and it all depends on who you ask. Some people think reversals mean a lessor degree of the card’s original meaning. Other people think reversals mean the exact opposite of the card’s original meaning. And then, there are other symbolic meanings of reversals. Don’t worry about it. Learn the cards without reversals if it’s overwhelming. Things take time and some people never learn reversals at all.

    7. Learn to read your cards by themselves and in a group. When I started out, I thought it was important to remember each and every card and its definition. This works for some people, but I had a better time learning how cards related to one another. In retrospect I think many people do learn this way as well. Just don’t forget to take time to really absorb things in the bigger picture as well as the small one.

    8. Read [The Pictorial Key]( I know it might sound really terrible, but just read it. The book is something I’d wish I’d known about sooner. If you’re working with RWS it’s simply a must.

    9. Comprehend both the numerical symbolism and the card symbolism. What I mean by this is that each of the numbers in the Minors have a specific theme. This can be helpful when learning initial meanings. Likewise all the Majors have symbolic numerical meanings too, though more abstractly. The Majors reduce down in numbers using Numerology, and this can in turn help you learn meanings too.

    10. Have fun. I know this list is kind of long, but overall, have fun. It’s easy to lose sight of that. Find a group you love to participate in. Find a niche within tarot symbolism that you really can’t stop learning. All this will do more for learning tarot than anything else. Whether it’s the history, the art, or the community tarot offers a lot to the individual. But, even spiritual tools (if you see them that way) offer a fun and heartwarming experience. 🙂

  2. Hi! Thank you both for answering me!!! I really appreciate your time!! My deck comes in on Tuesday, and I’m over the moon excited! What’s a way I can connect with my deck? 🙂

  3. Thank you!! I’ve read everything and made notes 🙂 I can’t wait for the deck to get here!

    How do you know which system they belong to?? Can you tell by looking?

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