Beginning a backyard…

Beginning a backyard…

I need to begin rising herbs and I used to be questioning when you guys had any recommendation on what I ought to plant. I need to ultimately make my very own tea and use the herbs for spell work.

The catch: this backyard goes to should stay in pots on a desk by a window in my yard-less house.

Any enter can be drastically appreciated!

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  1. Well what what do you want your garden to cater to? Protection? Kitchen witchery, blessings? There’s a lot you could plant for a host of different things, so decide on what you want and that should give you an idea of what to research for your garden.

  2. I grew kitchen herbs (that I also used for spellers) in containers on my back porch. No matter what you grow, always be on the lookout for mold when growing indoors. Do not over water. Some suggestions:

    * Rosemary for Fidelity, memory, and great culinary herb. You can pick up small plants and keep them trimmed for indoor use like a bonsai. I’d make sure to set the pot outside sometimes for the sunshine.

    * Basil, for heat and love. These are annuals where I live, so you’ll have to replant. (Then again, my garden was outside–might be different indoors.) Make sure you clip off the flowers when you’re still harvesting the leaves. At the end of the season, you can let it go to flower and collect the seeds for next year.

    * Cooking sage is a good one, though its magical properties are personal to me and not official anywhere. I wouldn’t use it as a substitute for Clary or white sage–as plants, they’re different enough to not be one to one substitutes. (Like how you shouldn’t substitute American Belladonna for European Belladonna, though they’re related.)

    * African violets do very well indoors, Hardy as hell if you get them the special pot and feed them liquid fertilizer every once in a while. Mine is over seventeen years old. It’s a friendly fairy plant.

    * Aloe vera!!! Cooling, prevents fires in the kitchen, does well in pots inside.

  3. Wow, I just started planning a little garden too! I have enough room for 4-ish of those long pots that you hang off a railing (2 at the front, possibly 3 at the back?). Been trying to decide what I can grow easily without killing it accidentally because I suck at plants.

    Commenting to come back later and see suggestions, haha.

  4. If you’ve never gardened before, research plants that are good for beginners, and/or hard to kill!

    My favorite to tend is basil or cilantro, because once they really get going they’re just gorgeous plants

  5. new to all this myself but ill tell what little bit I know. it is hard to go wrong with sage and thyme. have some magical uses from what I’ve heard and they also make good seasonings in food so two benefits

  6. If you could give some information on the general area where you live and what you practice, it would be a whole lot easier to answer this :p. There’s no point in trying to grow things that won’t grow properly in your area.

    That being said, you should plant things that would jive with what you practice and how you practice.

    A VERY BASIC list might be:

    If you are into divination or lucid dreams, mugwort is a good one and that grows pretty much anywhere. White sage (not the same thing as the sage you usually cook with) is kind of a pain in the ass to grow, but is very useful for smudging and cleansing. Lemongrass (if you live in the south or in a warm area) is good for clearing and cleansing as well. Peppermint is hard to kill and the root system sticks around, even in cold climates. You can use it as a substitution for a lot of different things. Cleansing, money, attraction, protection, etc. Lavender and Bees balm for healing. Catnip and chamomile for calming and centering yourself. Roses for love.

  7. I found some useful information over at r/Herblore when I was trying to plant a medicinal/magical herb garden. I would also suggest choosing herbs that you are “drawn” to after doing some research. I have found that these seem to grow better for me. Idk if it was luck, intention, or a mixture of both but it seemed to work for me. Hope this helped a bit.

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