Being pregnant Assist

Being pregnant Assist

My supervisor has been making an attempt to get pregnant for the final 5 years and some days in the past she instructed me she was 14 weeks alongside, I could not assist however cry with happiness! She is the loveliest, kindest, sweetest particular person and essentially the most wonderful supervisor. Sadly, she is affected by loads of ache and I do know prior to now she has miscarried.
She is in a same-sex marriage and had a sperm donor (Insemination)
I used to be questioning if my fellow sisters had any spells I may do to assist her have a simple and glad being pregnant.
Any assist and recommendation can be wonderful. Thanks.

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  1. This might sound silly to you, but the most powerful forms of witchcraft I have personally found to exist are rooted in our intentions. You really sound like you care about your manager and want only the best for her. If you want to help, I’d try ‘sending her well wishes’ in whatever form you like best.

    This can be really simple like drinking warm tea (or coffee) at work and just taking a moment while that warmth fills you to wish her well in her pregnancy. It can also be lighting candles and saying a prayer if you like. There really isn’t a ‘limit’ to what you can do.

    However, I do highly stress just taking time to continue being kind and understanding to her. 🙂 I know when I was pregnant just knowing there was someone there with a smile on tough days was amazing. Never underestimate that impact. There’s more magic in a smile than any ‘spell’ I know.

    PS If you have them and because I’m fond of them… if you really want to ‘do’ something… tarot cards and a green or white candle is my go to. In this case, I’d probably choose The Empress and the Queen of Pentacles (and hey it’s even two females which works especially well for this case!) and then light the candle. Think of them and wish them well and let it burn until it goes out. The Empress is often the motherly nurturing card… and the Queen represents that aspect in our ‘earthly’ realm. 🙂

  2. Im sorry i can’t really help since im just new to Witchcraft.
    Though i just wanted to say: Thank you!

    For being there with her,for caring so much and for being so awesome!

    I wish her the best <3

  3. It’s sweet you want to help, but… this is your manager, and there are professional boundaries to consider. This is along the lines of offering medical advice to your boss – which wouldn’t be okay at work. You want to take action that could affect her pregnancy and her medical issues – I would make sure she’s okay with you taking this action first.

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