Bodily sick after smudging

Bodily sick after smudging

I had an expertise throughout a really darkish time of my life. I purchased smudge sticks (white cedar stage), and burned one for 10 minutes or so. That day, I used to be so so sick. I threw up and couldn’t eat for the remainder of the day. Does this occur ever with smudging? It is the one distinctive factor I did that day. I am questioning if the negativity inside me was detected and I used to be cleansed bodily… I’ve all the time questioned.

4 thoughts on “Bodily sick after smudging”

  1. Multiple possibilities. You may have eaten something slightly expired that day. You may have an intolerance or kind of allergy to sage. May not have been good sage to begin with. May have simply caught a 24 hour flu bug. It’s hard to say for certain, I don’t think you’d necessarily know for sure unless you tried again and had the same reaction or not.

  2. My first thought is allergies. Either that or smoke inhalation. Love knows I’ve occaisionally made myself sick from spending too much time near my incense burner.

  3. I thought maybe I was sensitive to the cleansing and it was that effective at literally cleansing me of my negative energy. Allergies and all that are a possibility though 🙂

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