Boyfriend Dabbled In Magick And Put A Love Spell On Me?

Boyfriend Dabbled In Magick And Put A Love Spell On Me?

A pair nights in the past my boyfriend of two years and I had a really deep dialog during which he admitted to truly understanding me previous to (what I assumed) was the primary time we met. Now I may name bullshit however I used to be working at a retail retailer a very long time in the past and apparently chatted him and his buddy up about video video games.

The bizarre half is that he described what I used to be sporting, what my nickname was on my badge, my hair shade, issues he could not have recognized with out me telling him and I do know I’ve by no means instructed him. This was *years* in the past. I used to be 17 working in a online game retailer and I met him after I was 20. He described his spell to me in embarrassing element. (Orgasm spells?) He mentioned he grabbed a stray hair of mine off my shoulder and I thanked him. I’d have in all probability thanked him as a result of I shed rather a lot and it is at all times seen on black shirts. He mentioned it was love at first sight and he did not wish to let me go.

He thought it did not work till he noticed me once more years later. What he did after and all of it form of creeped me out as a result of I have been practising for 11 years now and I do know… You do not fuck with somebody’s free will.

So I do not know what to really feel or learn how to really feel or what’s actual. If he’s mendacity, how may he describe me? If he is not… What the hell? I simply need assistance.

**Replace:** I talked to him about it final night time and I received a bit extra info on his course of. How lengthy it took him (he had been doing it each week for *months*!!!!)
He discovered some spells on-line and tried all of them. I suppose I instructed him my actual identify and he used that. Once I requested him if he feels dangerous or had any regret, he shrugged, laughed, and mentioned no. He laughed! I instructed him how I felt about it and how one can’t do this to individuals and he simply goes “I am sorry… However I am not sorry”. And I requested if he regretted holding it from me and he asks “how may I’ve instructed you that? Years later. How would you’ve taken that?” He is proper, not good.

I like him a lot that is so complicated. I’ve half a thoughts to hug him and by no means let go and the opposite half needs to punch him sq. within the face.

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  1. I’m going to try and calm you down for a second.
    Love spells don’t take away your free will, it’s unethical. If he was practicing white magic, then what he cast was likely a love “charm” it doesn’t take away your free will but asks the universe if you are meant to be, to meet again. Knowing things about you is not odd if he has a photogenic memory or he just remembers that day that you met at the video store. If you are really upset about it I would ask him about the spell and get more details on why he did it and how.

    I think maybe you might be jumping to dark conclusions about magic for no reason, but you have every right to be upset if you feel like his actions were dishonest, that’s something you will have to confront with him through open communication.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about the effects of the spell itself. As a practitioner, your metaphysical defences are better than the average layman. You are capable of dealing with the fallout. Maybe consider cleansing and uncrossing for yourself.

    I *would* worry about the trustworthiness of your partner. You will need to do some soul searching, for this isn’t a matter of magic but a matter of what you expect from a partner and in a relationship. Personally, I’d be having a serious conversation with him if I were you, doing something like that to me would make me lose trust in my partner. Whether this is a dealbreaker or not is up to you. Were you aware he’s a witch before now?

  3. Love spells trigger me (sorry I don’t have a better word for it) so this may come off as a little biased

    **I find it really interesting that the rule of not casting on a specific person without their consent seems to have gone out the window** and that there seems to be a belief that if you’re a witch you’re immune or have some sort of protection against spells being cast on you, I think a case could be made that you could actually be more sensitive to it being in touch with esoteric energies

    Ultimately my belief is that it’s a messed up thing to do to cast a spell on someone, particularly if it influences cognitive function in anyway shape or form and I’ve never seen this kind of casting endure, when it breaks it shatters

    Like I say though, this is a topic I’m rather sensitive about so it could just be me

  4. You both sound rather young when he would have done this, none of us are the same people we were 10 years ago. I want to at least give some credit to the guy for being honest. It sounds like it’s been bothering him and he wanted to be honest. There is a lot to say there. It is creepy if it worked at 17 and 20….But now I don’t know, it sounds like you do like him alot as well otherwise you would have already let go of him over this…

    “The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” ― Muhammad Ali

  5. I used a spell on my husband when we were about 16 🙂 And we are definitely each others soul mate and best friend. We broke up back then but 8 year later got back together (with a few moments together in between) and I have never been happier! It is like the others said, it doesn’t take away free will, it just guides you together if it was meant to be. If it wasn’t meant to be, then it would not happen and the universe would have guided him in another direction.

  6. From my research into this subject and from first hand experience, you can override free will. However, as time progresses, the spell could weaken enough for the target to ‘break free’ so to say. There are factors that can play into this such as: caster’s natural ability, strength of spell, and the target’s will and mind (i.e. how susceptible to psychic/magick influence are they and if they will they resist)

    It would be like coming out of a trance and wondering what happened. The target would leave the relationship etc and begin to have their free will do whatever back. This is why some spells need constant boosting for them to be successful – to disable their free will and keep the target in a trance.

    I do have to say.. if you have to constantly exert energy and recast every few weeks is it really worth it? Go cast it on someone who wants to be in a relationship, not force someone to be in one.

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