Can magick be used to induce bodily modifications?

Can magick be used to induce bodily modifications?

The idea of bodily altering an individual, even in minor methods, through magick or different occult rules is a fringe concept, definitely. Nevertheless, some witches declare they will do it, and others declare sure highly effective spirits can induce it. Most, although, consider it’s unattainable.

I’ve seen fairly a little bit of proof that it’s potential, though not fairly to the Hollywood extent. Sure, the proof could have been tampered with, who is aware of – I’m not a forensic laptop analyst. However judging by the varied myths and legends through the years, plus issues just like the video linked on the backside, make me suppose that maybe this may be finished.

Have any of you had information of, or expertise with, this sort of magick?


5 thoughts on “Can magick be used to induce bodily modifications?”

  1. I’d say you can have more of an effect than most people think with glamour spells. They don’t necessarily physically change how you look but instead act on perceptions, both your own and other people’s. You can have a complete overhaul on how people see you without changing much other than your mind and confidence

  2. I did a healing spell and it worked. It may be all in my mind, but placebo studies have shown you can cure yourself with belief. I don’t care how or why, I just care that it worked.

  3. Trust me, lore does not support physical shape shifting as anything more than allegory for out of body sorcery. Emma Wilbys brought up the term “predatory cosmology, citing the shapeshifters of the Navajo, Jaguar and wight shamans in south America, werewolves, strighe, and cannibalistic witches sabbaths, as being indicators of animistic sorcery. Carlos Ginsburg also is worth mentioning.

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