Can Spells Have an effect on Different Religions?

Can Spells Have an effect on Different Religions?

I’ve a Catholic pal who’s going via a extremely tough time proper now and I need to assist her by preforming a spell to lend her some optimistic power however I am scared that the spell may by some means conflict together with her faith? I do not know if I am simply being paranoid however I do not need to harm her or her spirituality in any approach.

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  1. Magick doesn’t give a shit about paradigms. Saying spells don’t work across paradigms is like saying gravity doesn’t work in other countries because they have different cultures. A force is a force, the only difference is how you engage with it.

    That being said deities can be quite protective of their subjects especially if they’re as mean as YHVH can be

  2. As others have said you really shouldn’t cast spells on people without their knowledge and consent… however if I am not mistaken that is a more of a spiritually specific tenant that not all practitioners of witchcraft would adhere to. That said, the fact that you’re asking us probably indicates that you should be asking her.

    I am curious though what others would think in regards to more passive wish magick for this use, since it similarly mimics prayer:

    Do folks here have an opinion as to whether this would count the same as a more drawn out spell?

    If it doesn’t count the same, those who adhere to the consent rule, would this still require consent by your thinking?

  3. Yes you can do a spell for anyone, regardless of their belief systems. What matters when you are doing ritual/spellwork is YOUR belief and intent.

  4. As deadangel said, it’s not as if her commitment to the Catholic faith is gonna somehow cause her to burst into flames or anything, but consider your friend’s feelings regarding this.

    Most forms of Christianity acknowledge the parts in the bible which say that witchcraft and worship of gods other than Big G God is blasphemous, and even harmful to one’s soul.
    Your friend may not want to have any kind of spell cast on her, even a beneficial one, because she may think it will harm her relationship with her God.

  5. You shouldn’t cast spells on people without their consent even if it’s in good faith. Ask her how she feels about it, don’t just do a spell ninja style if you know she’s a catholic and there’s a chance she’ll disapprove

  6. If you use magic based on the ADR (African Diaspora Religions, things like Voodoo, Santeria etc) then calling on Catholic saints as well as the Holy Trinity and Mother Mary is standard fare. They aren’t approved of by the church hierarchy, but most worshipers in Central and South America don’t have a problem with them, and they appear to be pretty effective.

  7. Personally I don’t think spells have a negative impact on people from other religions unless they malignant in nature (specifically intended to hurt someone). But if you are worried about your magic conflicting with her beliefs, then light a candle for her at a Catholic church. It is perfectly acceptable for non-Catholics to send positive thoughts or prayers using votive candles in a church. Just be respectful while you’re there.

    A lot of people are uninformed about the official position of the contemporary Catholic church on witchcraft and western occultism. The church stopped believing in the power of witchcraft during the Age of Enlightenment. They see New Age practices (including neopaganism and the modern revival of witchcraft) as an outlet for people’s need for religion or spirituality that is not being met by the church. Of course they believe practicing magic is a sin, but they don’t think witchcraft is demonic or that witches have power over devout Catholics – they think it’s just misguided or fraudulent.

  8. No, spells can’t affect other religions, but they can affect people in a negative way, even if you mean no harm.
    It’s not like Jesus will come in the way and slap the energy of your spell away, but if she is against spells, then the power of her faith to God is possible to block the energy of your spell.
    You should ask her approval beforehand in order to achieve what you want to do by casting the spell.

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