4 thoughts on “Can witchcraft assist improve intelligence?”

  1. Clear quartz is a great conductor, it may be able to help you focus. Keep a quartz point in your pocket during tests and while you study. Blue fluorite is also known to increase mental focus and support research. You can use these crystals to help you while you study, and wear them or keep them in your pocket during exams.

    If you’re into candle magic, light a blue candle while saying “I am an intelligent person.” / “I quickly solve difficult problems.” / “I recall information in high detail.” Or carve the word “intelligence” or a sigil for that word into the candle. Let the candle burn while you study.

    These are a few suggestions that I would try. I hope they are helpful. Unfortunately if you want to learn, you still have to study, no way around that. But you can use witchcraft to help with focus or channel your energy into absorbing and understanding the new information better or more easily.

    Edit: “sigil” not “digit” – autocorrect

  2. Depends what you mean. If you’re looking for a sudden jump in intelligence without any effort on your part, that ain’t going to happen. If you want something to help you stay focused so you can successfully work on improving your intelligence by hard work and diligence, you may have come to the right place.

  3. I’d like to echo the suggestion from /u/AllanfromWales1 to practice mindfulness meditation. You’d be surprised the dramatic effect this can have, and it can be said to help you really unlock the full potential of your intelligence. I don’t mean to sell it is a miracle answer to all your problems, but it can improve your concentration, your ability to notice things (that others often miss), and to resist distraction. This will help to direct your intelligence in a controlled way, to make your intelligence useful to you.

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