Candle Assist

Candle Assist

I am doing a spell that requires me to on the third night time “let the candles burn down on their very own”. Final night time was the third night time however I needed to snuff them out so I may sleep. Did not need to danger my home catching on fireplace. My query is ought to I preserve relighting them to burn them down additional or did I break the spell? Any recommendation is appreciated. Have a blessed day 😊

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  1. I have done this 2 ways, 1 being setting the candle in a tub or sink in a fireproof container (like a kitchen pot) and letting it burn overnight, and second being lighting it and putting it out until it was burned out completely.

    But this is also a great lesson in “Tool necessity” for you, birthday candles, chime candles and t lites are great spell candles because they burn out quickly. Even though they aren’t as pretty as their larger cousins, it goes to make your safety and patience easier by far.

  2. I was doing a series of Dream spells where I had to light multiple candles (only really one though, the rest were for charging) over a nine day period at 2-4 AM. I had to go to a hotel, and I fell asleep.
    However, the dreams were sent and the spell did work.

    Depends on what the spell was supposed to do.

  3. I’ve started cutting my larger candles into 1″ sections, setting them in a metal dish, and letting them burn that way. It takes about 10-15 minutes and leaves me a pretty cool wax pattern.

  4. I’m not sure I would relight them. Perhaps consider buying smaller candles? The little spell candles my local shop sells burn in about 30 minutes and don’t drip.

  5. When you put them out, wrap the candles in paper. Unwrap and re-light later. The paper symbolizes that the candles aren’t garbage.

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