Canines and witches

Canines and witches

Forgive me if that is the dumbest factor you have ever learn, however can canine and witches have the identical bond as witches and cats? Or every other acquainted?
I’ve all the time been a canine particular person, however I like cats. I’ve had just a few outdoors cats that I’ve liked dearly however I’ve a canine atm that seems like my precise baby. These days, although, I have been needing a cat. I am not sure as to why. My husband thinks I am loopy. And I additionally do not wish to get a cat and disrupt mine and my canine’s relationship. However I actually need a cat. It is odd. And above all, what’s with the witch/cat factor? Am I simply wanting one thing else to mom? (I do not need youngsters) Or is there one thing deeper occurring?

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  1. I think the Witch/Cat connection was largely an invention of consumerism and used in Halloween decorations and imagery. There’s likely some kind of more meaningful connection (possibly fairy tales or folklore), but we can primarily thank consumerism for that connection being so prevalent in pop culture.

    You might be interested to know that the Goddess Hecate, sometimes called “The Goddess of Witchcraft” is associated with dogs (hounds) and is sometimes depicted as being flanked by two of them. As a dog lover myself, when I learned that I thought, “If dogs like her, then I’d like her too.”

  2. Dogs can absolutely be excellent companions to witches! As /u/monkey_sage mentioned, Hekate is often depicted with two dog companions, and the howling of dogs is said to herald Her presence. I don’t have a familiar, but my dog is definitely my soul mate. I am a dog person 100% (and not ever having children). Witches don’t need a familiar, not even a cat.

    *edit: dog tax! Sadie the GSD, my baby and soul mate:

  3. I think witches can have deep connections with any animal. I’ve grown up with cats, but I’ve made connections with dogs, fish, horses, and wild birds. If you’re drawn to adopting a cat, then maybe you need that cat in your life. Maybe your dog does too!

  4. Addressing the “but why do people ship cats and witches sooooo hard?” Part of the question:

    There are a number of folktales from all over the world that link cats to magic or witches. One that comes to mind is the matagot, which is a French spirit that often takes the form of a black cat. Celtic myth has its own fae in cat form too. There are a bunch – but animals also associated with witches include hares, foxes, dogs…

    In reality, I agree with other peeps on this thread who say it’s all about marketing. At the turn of last century the pretty/sexy witch really took off in illustrations on greeting cards and postcards, and became popular as a sort of coded symbol of a woman in control of her own life and destiny. By that point, cats had already become associated in popular imagery with femininity, so the two went together well.

    We still see it a lot because a. People love cats! And b. It looks good and has become instantly recognisable

    As an aside – I’m not sure what I think of familiars in the practice of witchcraft as actual physical animals. I have a good friend who insists my cat, a stray who followed me home and broke into my house, is my familiar, and I certainly have a deep bond with him – but I’m ever the skeptic.

  5. I completely agree with the other comments here. Dogs can 100% be familiars and make excellent witchy companions.

    My little girl is definitely my familiar. She came to me in such an interesting and precise manner before I was active in the craft and it was only after I started looking into our bond that I connected all the dots.

    That being said, all animals are different. My other dog wants nothing to do with me anytime I am at my altar and will stay plenty far away. My cat has literally no cares. I think it depends more on the individual than the species.

  6. As part of my taboos in one faith system, I’m not allowed to own dogs.

    I love dogs. I grew up raising and caring for dogs. I know a lot about taking care of one properly. My taboo saddens me but prior to my involvement with that faith, my experiences with dogs had only ever ended in heartbreak. Beyond death or illness, my experiences with them had largely been painful.

    It’s my experience that dogs are more keen to the unseen. They have an incredible intuition about things.

  7. There’s plenty of reasons as to why the black cat is connected to witches, but here’s a b part of it.

    Witches were said to be able to transform into animals, their color being either all black or all white. The reason they would transform into a black cat was because it was an easily disguise-able household pet. Dogs were usually kept outside at all times like they still are in countries like Mexico.
    If witches needed to do some snooping, it was much easier to be hidden as a cat than a deer.

  8. I can’t really speak to anything witchy here, but I will reassure you that getting a cat won’t affect your relationship with your dog. I used to think having more than one cat would mean that each cat would get less attention than if they were each the only family cat. However, now that I have two, I can’t imagine why anyone would only have one! Basically, having another pet only added to the love in the household. I’m sure getting a cat will only positively impact your family!

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