Carnivorous crops in witchcraft?

Carnivorous crops in witchcraft?

I’ve a really sturdy attunement with crops and nature, simply curious what are your ideas on carnivorous crops, e.g. Venus Fly Traps, Nepenthes a.okay.a pitcher crops, Sundew… All the time wished to start out a backyard with them. In addition to moss, It brings a way of peace for me. However simply wished to know what you guys consider carnivorous crops, thanks!

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  1. honestly I see carnivorous plants as defensive plants for some reason, maybe it’s because they are stationary and they seem to only pick off pests like flies.

  2. I keep a relatively large collection of carnivorous plants of nearly all types. These plants all have a lot of character, and on the whole they are very hardy and strong when given the correct growing conditions, which are almost always the slightly paradoxical places that are both very sunny and very swampy. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a sun-drenched swamp, but they are interesting and magical places.

    Anyways, I’ll start with Sarracenia. North American pitcher plants are some of the happiest, goofiest friendly beacons of light to grace the ground. They attract massive amount of happy energy. They also eat hornets and houseflies by the pound. Saracenia purpurea has a bit more of a serious and wise benevolent energy but that befits their long snowy hibernation, being primarily from Canada.

    I can write more on this subject about other carnivorous plants but I’m busy right now. If anyone wants to ask about a particular plant I’ll write about that one next.


    Venus fly traps are strongly associated with Mars, despite their name. This means they can both defend against negativity and aid in channeling your own aggressive energy. Again, these plants hibernate through winter and are symbolic of resilience and rebirth.

  3. They definitely seem like they could have a lot of power, dead or alive. Definitely very good for absorbing, or destroying energy.
    I could see myself using these in a ritual or spell to attack somebody like they’re prey.

  4. I’ve owned a venus fly trap. When they are small they are quite lazy, I had to catch flies to feed to it, and alot of flies got away because they close slowly. So there’s that.
    As far as any spell work properties… I can see it as a protective plant as others have said. Maybe add some crystals to the soil to help boost up the defense.
    Also (just my 2 sense) grow whatever u want!!! Personal preference and association is key in spell work 🙂

  5. I believe that magickal ways and even past native witchcraft don’t do justice to the power os vegetals. In my way I always try to make an association of plants with magickal symbology. I never thought of using insectivorous in magic, but I guess it’s energy could be used for harm as well as death (not necessarily in a bad way) or cleansing (if you see insects as some kind of “plague”).

  6. Wow, Thank you so much for your responses, I havent actually got any of my own but I’m very drawn towards them, will definitely slowly build a garden of them!

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