Cash spells that work

Cash spells that work

I used to be questioning if their is any spells for a newbie that work and would appeal to cash into my life?

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  1. Spells are about intent, basically go online and find amy herbs/items that represent money or prosperity and create your own spell. Visualize the money coming to you in whatever way you need it.
    Personally I love to burn bay leaves with words/wishes written on them😊

  2. I use basil leaves and cinnimon with patchouli oil.

    And say my money affirmation/spell while dressing my candle and continuing it until it turns up. Then I start all over.

  3. Money is such a usual target for spells, that there are a lot of them out there. Of course, not all of them that good.

    I would start with either a money candle or a prosperity jar, enhanced with a sigil. Except that these spells work worse when you are poor to the point of barely scraping by, so if that is the case it might be better to start with banishing poverty first.

    Few examples from some of people I’ve learned from:

    * Uncle Birch’s (freakphil/witchskewl) money jar:
    * Frater Xavier’s (mindandmagick) money jar:
    * Taliesin McKnight’s hoodoo money spells:
    * Another from Taliesin’s, hoodoo money candle:
    * Joseph March’s (the grand infinity) sigil lesson:

    With that you have to start also thinking about your mindset. I hope this goes without saying, but always use the “harm it none” clause in your spells or better yet, go with “blessing all involved”. Applies to all incantations, prayers and sigils.

    Also, examine your attitude about money, richness/poorness, rich/poor people, the programming about money you got at upbringing etc. Many people have thought patterns that hinder their money magic, as they might hold people’s riches against them. This means they will also hold it against themselves if they try to get rich. It is really important to have a healthy mindset, it just makes magic that much easier.

    If you aren’t in a terrible hurry, wait for a thursday (Jupiter is the greater benefict) or friday (Venus is the lesser benefict), on which the moon is waxing, preferably on full moon. Moon phase in your area can be found with google, and I think there are mobile apps for this as well. And you can always cast more than once. Poverty banishing would be best done on saturday (to appease Saturn, the limitator) or sunday (as the Sun shines through even the densest thicket), when the moon is waning, preferably on new moon.

    All the best for the casting!

    edit: formatting the list.

  4. Hard work has a long history of success in this area.

    Seriously if there were any easy beginner spells that would consistently bring money into people’s lives, they would be very well known by now. As with all magic, what matters is intent and the focusing of will, and sadly for most people that gets better with practice and learning.

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