Cauldron question

Cauldron question

Searching for a cauldron through which to burn issues. I’ve been utilizing a big clamshell I discovered on the seaside, however I would like one thing bigger and deeper. I don’t wish to buy these lovely abalone shells. I’d love a forged iron cauldron however I’m involved about how I’d go about protecting it seasoned if I’m burning plant matter. Am I over pondering it as a prepare dinner? What kind of cauldron do you employ and advocate? When you use forged iron, what sort of cleansing/upkeep do you do?

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  1. If you don’t plan on eating out of it, then you really don’t need to frequently season it like a pan.

    Only cleaning I do to mine is occasionally rinsing it out and wiping it clean if I burn resin or something nasty.

  2. If you have a flea market or thrift store near you check there you can find some really awesome stuff. Try looking around October as with Halloween you can very easily score a metal (granted not cast iron) cauldron fairly easily

  3. And in response to the other part of your question (sorry the app cut me off) i have a cast iron pot and if you only plan on burning stuff I wouldn’t worry about massive upkeep. Just wipe it with a damp cloth every now and again. Use a close the with some dry salt to scrub off NY residue that doesn’t come off the first way.

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