Cease the prevaricating, please!

Cease the prevaricating, please!

Very long time lurker, with a delicate and loving reminder that you just needn’t defend or qualify your practices or beliefs, particularly not round right here, with statements equivalent to, “…it was in all probability all in my head, however…” or “…I am certain it was only a dream, however…” or “…it was in all probability simply the mushrooms, however…” or different such dismissals, justifications, and rationalizations of your supernatural experiences.

I implore you all to take a web page from the chaos magicians, that your perception is a software, and while you second guess the experiences of your follow, you might be diminishing the facility of your magick.

I perceive that we reside on the peak of scientific materialism, and in every single place there may be strain to undertake a worldview that excludes the opportunity of something supernatural, however that very same worldview had result in us poisoning the planet and suffocating in our personal filth, so how legitimate can it actually be?

As an alternative, bear in mind that you’re a bad-ass witch, and also you needn’t justify, qualify, clarify, or solid doubt in your experiences for *anyone*, however particularly not anyone round right here.

6 thoughts on “Cease the prevaricating, please!”

  1. I agree with OP and with Allan, both. Don’t be so open-minded your brain falls out, as the saying goes. At the same time, if you’ve examined everything thoroughly and it stands up to examination then trust it.

  2. I’m all for not having to justify yourself to people who don’t know you, but I always like to consider rational explanations before I go into magic(k?)al ones. I’m a very scientifically minded person, so considering things rationally first makes the instances that I honestly can’t explain (of which I’ve had a few) all the more amazing!

    Without going into too much of a tangent, my belief is that humans are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for, and that magic(k?) is one of the ways we can further influence the world, be it through placebo effects, minor psychological and physiological changes in mindset or body language, chemical effects, and more ethereal ways as well!

    TL;DR I think science and magic(k?) can coexist rather happily – after all, everything happens for a reason, be the reason scientific or not.

  3. I think I get your meaning here, but I really don’t feel I need it. And I feel like I don’t need “gentle reminders” about how to speak about my beliefs.

    Nor do I think that witchcraft is the antithesis of science or that the two are in conflict. I believe one is form and the other essence.

    When I say that I met my grandfather in a dream but that it was likely my subconscious mind, that isn’t me trying to placate anybody.

    That’s me saying that my belief is that a connection is made even if that connection existed solely within my mind without the benefit of a visit from a spirit realm of some sort.

    I believe in reincarnation. I don’t believe my grandfather is sitting in a spiritual garden smoking cigars. Is it possible that he got to send me that one last message before he embarked on his new journey? Sure. Is it possible that it was just all in my imagination? Of course.

    It doesn’t matter which one it was, to me at least. That possibility doesn’t exist as an apology for my beliefs. It exists as an inseparable part of it.

    I get that clearly makes you uncomfortable. However, much like your own exhortations, I owe you no apology for practicing or believing as as I do.

    I just find it a bit ironic that, in trying to encourage us to be bad-ass witches who don’t need to justify, qualify, explain or cast doubt on my experiences, you inadvertently attacked my beliefs and prompted the very response you were aiming to avoid.

  4. Not a good excuse for obvious woo-woo, you know. There are things which have a rational explanation, particularly when people believe they have been cursed and the facts don’t fit, and pretending otherwise helps no-one.

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