Child witch’s first profitable spell and a few questions

Child witch’s first profitable spell and a few questions

I’ve just lately discovered witchcraft and I’ve a couple of questions and my first success story!

I attempted working with sigils for the primary time final evening. I received the thought to do “I shall be supplied pink fruit tomorrow” from this sub. I assumed that it will be good to check it on one thing small. Truthfully I didn’t assume that it will work. Then right now I used to be scrolling although Instagram, and there was an image of a woman handing a strawberry to the digital camera, so it seemed like she was providing one to me. And I used to be like “whaaaat?” That in all probability sounds small, nevertheless it was a cool second for me.

Any recommendation for a child witchling? Is it higher to stay to small spells for a while?

Is there an moral manner to make use of magic to strengthen a relationship? I positively don’t need to do something to fuck with somebody’s free will. Extra like one thing to make one of the best state of affairs to let our love develop naturally, if that is smart.

Thanks for studying 🙂

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  1. There is totally ethical stuff you can do to strengthen relationships. Sigils I find are pretty good for outcomes that are.. weirdly specific like.. do you want to go anywhere on holiday? Maybe get a few days together to really enjoy your time together? Maybe try a sigil for that. Glamour spells and baths spells are pretty fun for helping attraction along. I think that it’s pretty impossible to make someone fall in love with you via magick especially if you arent experienced in what you’re doing but obviously you have to work out your own morality stuff. I think just going for spells you feel fine with morally and maybe adding “Blahblah but do no harm” “So harm none” “No unexpected suprises” or anything that resonates with the way you work at the end of finishing any work/ritual and being specific is good if you aren’t open to any funny suprises too! Good luck. Have fun!

  2. As far as ethics, this is my take.

    There is always an “ethical way” to encourage an outcome, given that it doesn’t defy pre-existing “currents”. If many factors are pushing something in a direction, it may be be harder to alter it’s course significantly, whereas something stagnant can more easily be pushed.

    Relationships: You encourage communication and understanding. You can promote emotional healing and health. You can protect yourself from lies and deception. These are all fairly within the “white”, I would say.

    Justice: You can encourage a person’s deeds to be reconciled, but know that your own deeds may also be reconciled (we are rarely as perfect as we think, and this could go badly- this one is much more grey). You could encourage a wrongful person to be visited by realizations of their poorly deeds, so as to seed due guilt or shame, and possibly remorse. To directly try to dish out a punishment would be to presume that your judgment was higher than the forces you’re willing into action: depending on your beliefs, this sort of arrogance could be detrimental to you.

    Luck: ask only for things that would NOT detrimentally deprive another. If you asked for a trillion dollars, that money would need to come from somewhere. Apply that reasoning to all things; a job, a property, a success. It is best to ask to be guided toward opportunities and wisdom and drive to achieve your goals, than to cancel out the efforts of others.

  3. Just a thought but you might want to spend some time on the sub reddits and read some practioner blog/websites- like the Gallery of Magicks, Strategic Sorcery, etc also biographies of people like Israel Regardie, Sybil Leek etc and journal…

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