Childbirth and the tremendous blood moon

Childbirth and the tremendous blood moon

I’m simply curious whether or not anybody has any ideas on this.
I’ve been having contractions since yesterday morning and the place I’m the moon is because of be at ‘totality’ at 11pm tonight (It is at present morning). I’m hopeful that I could be in established labour by then. Even when not, I believe it’s fascinating that I can be having contractions throughout this moon. I’ve been contemplating doing a little form of spell or presumably getting ready a mojo bag or one thing comparable for myself to make use of through the precise beginning if it hasn’t occurred but. Possibly some form of a spotlight merchandise. So does anybody have any ideas on:
1. Correspondences, crops or objects which may be of use
2. What you’ll do in case you have been me
three. One thing to cost underneath the moon to put on on my particular person throughout beginning or use in a spell earlier than the beginning
four. Rituals to carry out through the moon
5. Would cloud protection have any impact on the efficacy of any of this

Thanks guys, that is my first put up right here and I am hormonal so please be type <three

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  1. I just saw this, 23hrs after you posted, so I’m guessing you might have a baby now and the questions be moot-congratulations if so!

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