christian witches

christian witches

Can Christian witches work with different Gods and Goddesses? i worship a God and Goddess, and work with Jesus and Mary Magdalene at present, however really feel a calling to Brigid and Kali recently.

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  1. I will not comment on others opinions but as a fellow Christian witch I can give some insight (sort of).

    I personally do not feel pulled to other deities. I use my cards to speak to God and the rest of my craft to feel closer to them.

    However in no way, shape, or form should you take that or anyone else’s opinion as what you “should be doing”. The most beautiful part of being a witch is having your own personal beliefs. Whether you worship one deity, multiple, or none. We determine our place in this world and even within the witch community who *mostly* understand. We are all individuals. Yes, some of us are unconventional. Yes, some of us may disagree. But as long as you are content with your craft and beliefs there is nothing wrong about it. Do not let others dissuade you and do not feel disappointed with whatever decision you make because of them.

    This is getting quite long but feel free to send me a message if you’d like. Much love on your journey!

  2. It’s a complex question.

    Can you? Sure, I mean there’s nothing that stops you. But should you? That’ll have to be your own call.

    Try to support the cultures which worship or venerate Brighid and Kali (especially Kali). You’ll learn a lot more about how to please Them that way. Some strains of Celtic culture are still alive.

  3. This is how I look at it, and maybe I’m wrong but it works for me. Christianity is largely in part about your relationship with God and with Others.

    1. Love God with all your heart
    2. Love others as yourself

    Jesus was a pretty metal dude regardless of whether he was the son of God or not. And has a good message to follow. And in his words as long as those 2 things are followed Love God and Love others then everything else will fall into place.

    For me I think of Witchery as more of a practice. I believe there isn’t a difference between a focused prayer/ “the power of prayer” and witchcraft. Catholics have the Rosary, Christians submerge baptism, and those are just rituals. What God can do, he can do regardless of the ritual. I use my crafts not as I am powerful, but that I use these spells to focus my prayers to ask God/Angels/the Light to use my spell as a conduit for God’s will. And ask that his will align with mine.

    Jesus performed Miracles, not typically standard practice in his faith. So did John the Baptist, Moses, Noah, Abraham, etc. The Bible is full of people doing miraculous things not typical of the faith but progressing God’s work, things that could be perceived as witchcraft in this day and age.

    I think being a Christian and a Witch is possible. Just be mindful of those 2 things. Love God, Love Others. Stay in the Light. As long as you aren’t using your craft to hurt others or for selfish gain I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

    That being said I probably wouldn’t go to church on Sunday and announce that you practice witchcraft, because I’d think most “Christians” wouldn’t be as accepting. (But that’s modern Christianity/organized religion and another whole long tangent about how they have a lot of things wrong.)

    As far as multiple deities, goes it’s not for me personally, but search your heart, focus yourself in meditation or prayer and see how you feel. I think witchcraft is a very personal experience and if it’s what works for you then great and if not that’s fine too.

  4. It depends. I’m Hindu and my deities are Radha and Krishna. They are Goddess and God. Sometimes, I will get a hit to work with my friends The Morrigan or Brigid. I do not worship them, I see them as allies on my spiritual path and understand that they also work for Krishna in their respective areas (my belief— I know these are from different cultures but I believe the Vedas to be pretty universal.)

  5. I’m not being mean and you can do whatever you wish, what works for you and what makes you happy. I just find the whole concept of Christian witches confusing for various reasons. UnreformedSloth posted a good reply that highlights just one of those reasons. I don’t think you can truly be a christian and participate in what is clearly a pagan practice. JMO, but as I said, if you find a way that works for you and makes you happy I wish you all the best.

  6. I predict most Christians will say “no” and most witches will say, “why would you want to?”

    But I say, “Why not?” Is there a specific concern you have?

    Having a relationship with other deities would make you a “bad Christian” from the traditional Christian perspective. But I don’t think that should get in the way of you experimenting and following your intuition.

  7. Also a lot of Modern Christianity isn’t based in Christ’s teachings. Studying the bible and understanding the context and original language definitions is more appropriate for Christianity than going to church on Sunday and having the Pastor preach to you the things that Emperor Constintine changed. Oh, you know like the sabbath on “Sun”day, to appease the pagan sun god of the time. Yeah, historically there have been a lot of changes to the Bible. Also I’m pretty certain that if Jesis were alive in today’s world he would be appalled at the organized religion. Considering he was against what the pharisees were doing.

    Anyway that’s my tangent on Christianity.

    It’s possible to be a follower of Christ without subscribing to the modern religious “Christian” ideals. So don’t be too worried about specific doctrine and try to focus more on your relationship with God/The Universe/Whatever you feel pulled to as the greater power.

  8. I’m not a Christian but I am a monotheist. When I made a vow to my deity, I found that I never needed to worship or work with multiple deities because the one was all I needed. Christopaganism is certainly a thing, but in the end I believe the one you should be asking is your god and do some introspection. This question can only be answered by you.

  9. I love how everyone here is an expert on your religion… There is a lot of ignorance about Christianity on this page. Christianity (or more specifically, Catholicism and Anglicanism) is a syncretic religion, it has adopted many pagan gods and practices. The goddess Brigid was Christianized as [Saint Brigid of Kildare]( Many Christians work with her. Saint Brigid’s convent is located on the Celtic shrine to Brigid, and her feast day corresponds with Imbolc.

    Kali is an unusual one since she is the goddess of destruction. However, I imagine working with Kali could be similar to working with [Santa Muerte]( Santa Muerte is a folk saint who is venerated as Our Lady of Holy Death by many Christians in the Americas (mostly Mexico and the US). There is also a folk saint venerated by the Roma named [Sarah the Kali](, or Black Sarah. I don’t know anything about her, but [some people think]( she might be related to the Hindu goddess Kali.

    In Catholicism, there is a difference between worship and veneration. Only God (including Christ and the Holy Trinity) can be worshiped. But other figures – Mary, the Saints – can be venerated. That means to be revered, respected, given offers and asked for their intercession (or help with favors). Typically people set up altars that have a representation of god (in the form of a crucifix or cross) at the highest point, with the other saints, folk saints, or gods on a lower level to demonstrate that their power comes from God. A lot of people (including witches) work with the saints, including folk saints that have not been canonized by the church. You might be interested in Hoodoo, which is an African American Christian witchcraft that uses the Bible as a holy book and works with the saints.

  10. I see this question asked a lot (and the reverse). Whether it’s OK is really something that only you and the deities involved can decide. Are the deities involved alright with being worshipped together? Will the Christian God mind if you worship Pagan gods as equals? Your practice is yours and while people can spend hours speculating based on things like the Bible, at the end of the day others can’t foresee how a deity will feel.

  11. I was raised Roman Catholic and got into the Craft 20 years ago. For a while I still did the whole Christian thing but now looking back (and ironically enough knowing a LOT more about Christianity and the Bible), if you really believe in the Bible, you are absolutely violating the core tenants by practicing witchcraft: “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” Actually according to the Bible if you find a witch, Yahweh requires you to stone her and then her entire village. So that’s pretty clear.

    On the other hand, the VAST majority of Christians have never even bothered to read the entire Bible (don’t get me started on that), and they routinely cherry pick from it to justify their beliefs and actions anyway so they aren’t following it either. I know people are gonna be totally peeved for the generalization but whatever. The penalty for violating the 10 Commandments is death and I have personally never seen a parent stone their child to death for disobeying them (all 3 of my brothers would be getting killed at least 4 times a week).

    And lastly, there are a lot of Judeo-Christian mystical traditions and there are a lot of magical traditions that draw heavily on Judeo-Christian imagery and beliefs.

    Nobody is right or wrong. Do what FEELS right to YOU and try and be a good person and I’d say you are way ahead of a huge portion of humanity.

  12. Ever heard of Christo-Pagan? They work with the abrahmaic deities as well as some pagan ones. Btw, check out St. Brigid. It’s the goddess adapted into a saint, very common with some pagan gods.

  13. Technically we all connect/worship aspects with equivalents of Brigid and Kali.
    Obviously some people disagree with working with other Gods and Goddesses but I think it’s actually ignorant? of them. I mean many Christians worship the Holy Trinity, the 3-in-1 thing, and other monotheists think that it is not true monotheism. However, it’s more so that people don’t understand the concept.
    I mean Brigid and Kali are both different aspects of god/nature/universe/goddess/creator/whatever you believe, so connecting to different gods/goddesses is Christian, if, similar to the Holy trinity, that you view them as different parts/aspects of the Whole creator rather than completely different entities that are equal in omniscience and power.
    Honestly, for those who think that Christian can’t practice witchcraft, or can’t connect to other deities as aspects of their own because of the bible: the bible and human knowledge of the universe and creation, ethics, and even us humans (physically and mentally), are in a constant state of change. So they can stick their wands up their butt, because they aren’t really a witch if they don’t (insert outdated, traditional, ancient witchcraft practice here: How about Child sacrifice? Yes, we’ll go with that and cannibalism.)
    I hope I explained that well.

    Tl;DR Yes, this shit is christian as long as it falls into the lines of monotheism, as does the holy trinity.

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