Cleaning an area with out smoke

Cleaning an area with out smoke

Apparently, resorts do not prefer it if you burn incense and set off the smoke alarm!

I have to cleanse my house in resorts, however upon arrival and each night.

What could be the most effective non-smoking methodology?

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  1. Get a travel spray bottle, some water, and some essential oils you associate with cleansing (I like frankincense personally). Then you can spray it around the doors and windows and wherever you want. Plus it can make the bed smell nice 🙂

    Also my husband likes picturing the dimensions/walls/corners of the room and imagines drawing all of the negative energy into a crystal or other object. Then you can cleanse the object itself

  2. Salt water in a mist bottle. You can add a few drops of essential oil, like lavender or citrus.

    Crystal grids; of course you’d have to cleanse the stones regularly too. (Though there are a few self-cleaning stones like citrine that can also clean other stones).

    Himalayan salt lamps, either electric or with tea lights. They aren’t cheap, but have such a pleasant, cleansing energy.

    And then there’s just visualization, if you’ve developed that skill enough. Start by visualizing a small, palm sized ball in your hands of pure, clean energy. Whatever makes you feel clean and safe is in that ball, be it the coolness of the ocean, the warmth of a fire, the gentleness of a breeze, or whatever, its contained in that ball. Drawing from within, let that ball grow in your mind’s eye, pushing away all of the unclean from the area, until only the pure, clean energy fills the room. From there, you can then visualize the edges hardening to the strength of diamonds to keep things out, and then you also have a nice shield.

    Good luck.

  3. Tingsha bells (30US$) or Singing bowls (100+US$) are some of the best that I know of. There’s also Smudge sprays (10-20US$) If you still like the faint smell of sage. Or if you are proficient with your energy, get a selenite wand or pyramid and direct your energy through it in order to clear the space with a fountain effect.

  4. A note on sprinkling salt around— this is very effective. Just make sure you then sweep or vacuum up the salt and take it outside, since it’s just absorbed negative energies (you dont’ want it hanging around.) You can re-salt right after to keep the place cleansed, and sweep that up and re-salt when you feel like the bad energy is not being absorbed enough. For hotels, they get vacuumed anyway (we hope), so I guess you could sprinkle packets of salt in the corners and under windows and doors.

  5. You can sprinkle a little salt around the perimeter. Another popular method is to splatter a bit of Florida Water cologne around. It’s easy to find, and smells really nice (mostly like limes).

  6. Calling the four quarters works for me, but I learned it though druidry. I don’t know if it would fit in your practice or not.

    Citrine and black tourmaline are part of my travel rocks for scrubbing strange energies away.

    A bowl of clean water out works too.

    I would personally avoid going nuts with fragrances because non-smoking rooms might share their central air and that isn’t fair to people who have sensitivities. A little shouldn’t hurt though!

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