Consider me spells?

Consider me spells?

What are your ideas on “Consider me” and “Dream of me” spells? Have you ever tried them and seen outcomes or are they messing with free will?

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  1. Eeeeeeh I would almost say they are borderline messing-with-free-will spells.

    This is a really, really dumb example, but I just watched this episode so bear with me. In an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, she gets a job as a Sandman and puts people to sleep. She then realizes she can go into people’s dreams. This in itself is considered bad form, and it’s even worse when she starts affecting those dreams as well. Granted, Sabrina is not a good example, but I feel like it’s the same kind of thing here.

    You COULD do it, but it could have negative consequences you aren’t aware of. So although you can, you probably shouldn’t.

  2. Oh yeah they work. Done some think of me spells.. the person is usually very attentive of you, sometimes willing to drop what they are doing to hang out with you, VERY agreeable too.

    A good example would be casting it on an acquaintance you’d like to get to know better. Within a week or two, they’ll be texting you and thinking you are their best friend.

    A drawback to it is that sometimes the person you cast the spell on gets a case of bad luck which also causes them to ‘cling’ to you for guidance, etc.

    ** Be warned. Make sure you know what your intent is before casting. If you want a friendship, be sure to think that and adjust the spell accordingly since these two types of spells are traditionally used for love. Also, for example, if you are gay and the other person is straight, the spell may cause them to withdraw from you. They feel like they are going insane and cannot process the feelings of being love obsessed with someone who they are not sexually attracted to and cannot process those type of feelings for.

  3. Its kind of a creepy thought to place a spell like that as far as the dream of me spell goes. Mainly because I wouldn’t want some random person haunting my dreams (I got enough of that with Fortuna). However, the think of me spell could be useful if you’re doing it for a specific purpose and how you go about it. There was a mention of getting a job. That would be an appropriate time, where you want make sure you’re considered. Using a psychic”call” is sort of like that when you want to have someone get in contact with you as well. In a nutshell, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it…the dream one really is creepy though.

  4. I, personally, don’t use spells in my craft. Well. I suppose I do, but not in a regimented or planned out way. I use intent and Crystal work. There are no set scripts or chants that I use, just my wishes…My prayers if you will. But I think that wishing (or spell-casting) someone to think of you isn’t against their free will, IMO. But the answer already lies in your heart, hun. Do you FEEL it to be invasive and inappropriate? If so, it most likely IS…if not, then I believe there is no malice, therefore no harm.

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