Curse Breaking

Curse Breaking

So I needed to see if I may trip this out however that is trying prefer it won’t be an possibility. So mainly I have been saddled with a particularly nasty curse. I do know for a incontrovertible fact that this was put onto me by a practitioner of some power who had the means to take action. I had a trusted supply scope out the scenario they usually informed me it might dissipate in two-three years. I’m fairly positive the aim of the curse was to majorly harm and presumably kill me/drive me nuts, however from what I can inform it is a gradual burner (that and I’ve bought some minor protections up).

I used to be considering of getting an expert to help me, however I haven’t got the cash to shell out and the one skilled I may discover that does not seem fraudulent/New Agey lives on the opposite aspect of my State which I am unable to get to proper now. Does anyone have some recommendation or some actually good curse breaking spells? I determine I’ll have to determine find out how to struggle towards/shield myself towards this kind of issues in any case, since that is the second time so far I have been attacked like this (by totally different individuals).

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  1. Make a witch bottle.

    The way to make it is kind of grimy but it’s VERY effective imo. I don’t know if it effects already existing curses but it sure does ward off new ones.

    Get an airtight bottle. I got mine from Hobby Lobby for like a dollar but any bottle could work. Just make sure it is absolutely airtight and won’t combust from the temperature of the ground, I used a plastic one.

    If you work with any deities or spirits I’d invoke ones you associate with protection, especially from negative entities. I invoked Hecate, as she’s just a very easy goddess to work with and always empowers my spells. I also encoded Kali. She’s very well known to be a demon slayer so I thought her power would be great to kill off curses or negative entities sent my way.

    Basically, you need some rusty (or brand new) iron nails, they need to be bent as well. I bent mine with a hammer. They were already rusted but it doesn’t really matter.

    You’ll also need broken glass shards of any color, parts of a broken mirror (if you don’t believe doing this brings bad luck), I also added thyme leaves.

    Here’s the gross part. You have to fill the cup with pee after you’ve put the solid materials inside. If you really don’t want to do this use vinegar instead. Instead of piss maybe replace it with both vinegar and toenail clippings or hair.

    The even nastier part is for women, you need to put menstrual blood in the bottle. For men, semen.

    I know it’s pretty nasty but it’s very effective in my experience and with my friends. After you’ve completed the bottle, seal it with black wax.

    Do whatever sort of ritual or thanks you want from your deities you worked with. Once you’re done, you need to bury the bottle. I buried mine during the full moon but any moon phases will do.

  2. One quick cheap way to lessen the effects is to buy those glass encased candles that cost like a dollar at the store. Get a white candle in clear, colorless glass and before you light it. Tell it and yourself that it will absorb and burn away any negative energy. After it burns out note the color of the glass. It should have a lot of black marks like soot on it. The more you do this each candle that follows should appear less and less scorched. I saw my mom do this as a kid. It worked for us. Good luck.

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